Hellenic Hekate Ritual: Drawing Down the Moon

As a child I was obsessed with the moon and the first form of moon magick my mother taught me, was to sing to the moon.  The first song she taught me was a nursery rhyme she was taught by the priests in secret school during the Nazi occupation of Greece.  This rhyme was created and used by children at secret school at night, when Greece was under the Ottoman occupation between the 15th through to the 19th centuries, due to not being allowed to learn the Greek language. I believe through continuous repetition over many years and many children, there is a lot of power within it especially because in Greek it rhymes  – which is tinged with magick itself, due to it flowing off the tongue.

Φεγγαράκι μου λαμπρό


Φεγγαράκι μου λαμπρό,
Φέγγε μου να περπατώ,

Να  πηγαίνω στο σχολειό
Να μαθαίνω γράμματα,
Γράμματα σπουδάματα
Του Θεού τα πράματα.

My Little Shining Moon


My little shining moon,
Light my way so I can walk
To go to school,
To learn my lessons,
Reading and writing,
God’s wishes.

After this initial induction into moon magick, I learned various techniques to harness the power of the moon and utilise it.  One which I became enamoured with was Drawing Down the Moon because its so beautiful and powerful.  Drawing Down the Moon is exactly what it appears to be, by the wording – you are drawing down the energies of the moon.

Over the centuries many magickal practitioners have drawn down the moon in various fashions –  from ancient witches like Medea to modern witches like Doreen Valiente.  The Drawing Down the Moon rituals which are used repetitively, I feel have more potency, due to the re-occurrence of said ritual which brings more power to it.

The image below from a lost Greek vase painting, shows two witches Drawing Down the Moon believed to be from the 2nd Century BCE. This version of Drawing Down the Moon was first ascribed to Thessalian women who practised witchcraft.  The same image was used in Margot Adler’s well known booked called Drawing Down the Moon where the term was popularised by modern witches.  The word on the left *KALE (kah-lay) means “beautiful” and the words on the right mean *POTNIAS “who are of the moon mistress”.



Being a devotee of Hekate and a practising Hellenic, I have combined the elements of singing to the moon and Drawing Down the Moon in a Hellenic ritual I personally created and have found much success in.  When collected I use this charged moon water to divine, for various types of sorcery and rituals, as an ingredient in a health tonic and watering my magickal garden.  Here is the ritual below you can use as a Hellenic Hekate ritual of Drawing Down the Moon:

Hellenic Hekate Ritual: Drawing Down the Moon – (C) Setjataset 2020

Items needed: Purified water such as Khenips, incense, offerings for Hekate, Invocational hymn to Hekate, ritual knife/sword/wand, barley grains, libation in the form of wine/juice, silver bowl and the light of a full moon.

Ritual to be held outside under the full moon:

Wash your hands in Khernips before assembling your ritual items, whilst saying:

Αφήστε όλα αυτά που είναι βλαβερά να φύγουν! (Let all that is profane be gone!)

Gather and place all ritual items on a altar/shrine or on the ground (beach, park, garden etc).

Prepare and create a working area around you and your items using barley grains to create a circle boundary, whilst saying:

Xerniptosai! (be purified!)

Invoke Hekate

Light Incense

Pour Libations on the ground

Give Offerings

Magickal Working

Place silver bowl in an area which holds the light of the full moon.

Stand with your left hand raised up to the Moon – holding your knife/sword/wand in this hand, whilst holding your right hand over the bowl of water before you and repeating the following:

Hekate, Beautiful Mistress of the Moon
I your (sorcerer/devotee/priestess/witch) sings to you with this tune
I ask your luminous moon to come down with force
I call for your shining spirit to be brought forth
I have the gift of magic within and without me
I pull the bright light of the moon to see
I am a conduit for your glory to enter
have placed the vessel before you to centre
I conjure your energies to enter this water wild
I do this in your name as your devoted child

Thank Hekate

Dis-assemble circle by using your right foot to sweep an opening in the circle for you to exit from.

Gather ritual items and walk away without turning back.


* Potentially means as the letters are not clear and the translation itself is iffy due to the low quality of the image.

** Ritual feasting can commence.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2020