Spirit of Place: My Back Garden

The wheel turns as we head into winter with Samhain just days away (5th of May at 11.34am EST Southern Hemisphere) and yet my garden is showing signs of life not dormancy as expected…got to love nature!


All images (c) T. Georgitsis


Spirit of Place: Tesselaar Tulip Festival (Part 3 of 3)

At the Tesselaar Tulip Festival there was more on than just tulips…there was some art too…these were my favourites:

12049203_10154373606884762_1499961927731198687_n 12036925_10154373606654762_1490598797560227773_n

12042890_10154373606244762_1585190951581262796_n 12032075_10154373606274762_3529223726617363764_n

11140002_10154373607579762_2551015266435725625_n 12002230_10154373606609762_8626158298504999164_n


There was also clog dancing in full costume:

12049423_10154373607334762_542943292907106469_n 12006305_10154373607089762_4841618064243255948_n

An old timey pipe organ raising money for charity:


Display and workshops on how to make wooden tulips:

11059698_10154373607489762_8440190150214399853_n 12027531_10154373607529762_5667783995222546492_n

And of course there were windmills tucked away everywhere:


All images (C) T. Georgitsis 2015




Spirit of Place: Tesselaar Tulip Festival (Part 2 of 3)


I loved seeing the tulips blooming all throughout the farm. Shows that spring is truly here!

These were some more images I managed to capture with my iphone, of some other favourites I came across which I couldn’t identify due to lack of signage or the like…

10533455_10154364816259762_6878263988070318268_n 12020000_10154364816324762_4639901105747656878_n 12032095_10154364815004762_3560142763851216654_n 12042747_10154364815964762_7491886327850574394_n

12033193_10154364816699762_7311964282786274388_n 12038007_10154364816604762_7378111511428162845_n

12047071_10154364814614762_612077717260806216_n 12046942_10154364815254762_5016946547405581045_n

Then you have the fields of tulips which are just so eye catching and beautiful you almost feel like you are in Holland…except for all the people taking selfies in the middle of the fields 😉


12046732_10154364817984762_3128108932788542592_n 12039496_10154364815114762_1493583951036074508_n

12032279_10154364817754762_2929053857030902626_n 12020000_10154364815924762_3042106260864484521_n

12009719_10154364815709762_370872083290199337_n 11219428_10154364815764762_6108127969990957741_n

All images (C) T. Georgitsis 2015

Spirit of Place: Tesselaar Tulip Festival (Part 1 of 3)


Every spring for 4 weeks the Tesselaar Tulip Festival happens in Silvan (country Victoria, Australia).

This year I went during the Dutch Weekend (I mean they are known for their tulips no).  They had transformed the tulip farm into a mini-Holland with food, costumes, folk dancing, barrel organ music, market stalls, windmills, games and historical displays.  There was also sculptures among the tulips from artists around the country.  The festival runs for two more weeks and for more information see here: http://www.tulipfestival.com.au

These were my favourite tulips which I remember the name of:


The “precocious” 


The “salvo” 12032024_10154364817194762_6106948914409796382_n

The “high roller” 


The “gavota” 


The “poppy”


All images (C) T. Georgitsis 2015




Pagan Blog Project: T is for Terrariums


(c) image 2013 T. Georgitsis:-
terrarium for a friend with succulents: black prince, violet queen and zebra plants.

T is for Terrarium

A Terrarium is a miniature indoor garden contained within a clear container. And have been around since the mid 1800’s.

Tina’s Terrarium Technique (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


  • Any clear glass container: fish bowl, vase, jar (note: containers used with a glass cover need less watering)
  • Gravel or Pebbles (using coloured stones gives a great visual)
  • Sphagnum or Sheet Moss (omit if you can’t source)
  • Potting Mix (I prefer indoor potting mix)
  • Plants (I prefer cacti or succulents due to their hardy nature)


  1. Ensure you thoroughly wash and dry the glass container (and cover if used) you will be using for your terrarium.
  2. Place a layer of the gravel/pebbles on the bottom of the container which is done to ensure adequate draining occurs when the plants are watered.
  3. Place a layer of sphagnum or sheet moss to stop potting mix from trickling through to the bottom of the glass container.
  4. Place a layer of potting mix which is damp on top of the moss.
  5. Arrange the plants within the potting mix in a visually pleasing manner.
  6. Arrange a thin layer of gravel/pebbles on the top to ensure the plants and potting mix is stable.
  7. Place any accessories you like such as rocks, shells, small statues as decorations on the top.
  8. Place terrarium in the home/office/business within indirect sunlight. Turning the terrarium every so often ensures the plants grow evenly. Prune periodically ensuring all the dead leaves are removed and the height and width of plants remain at optimum level so they don’t overcrowd the container.
  9. Water weekly. I suggest a spray bottle used over the plants to ensure they aren’t over watered.  If you are using a lid on your container ensure the plants are completely dry after you have watered them before replacing the lid. Fertilise with a small amount of water soluble fertiliser once a year (spring is the best).

Simple Use for Terrariums

Is a great home warming gift or can be placed in the office as a detoxing plant.

© T. Georgitsis 2014

1452450_10152472127809762_136435219_n(c) image 2013 T. Georgitsis:-
terrarium for a friend with succulents: black prince, violet queen and zebra plants.