Reconnecting To Wicca Through A New Tradition…

In the 90’s I was initiated into a wiccan tradition called Elphame Wicca through the Church of Wicca Australia which was headed/founded by the Arch-Priestess, Lady Tamara von Forslun in Perth.  Tamara’s initiator was Rhiannon Ryall who was initiated in England in a small rural village. The way I describe it is a combination of Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca but from what I have deducted the term Elphame Wicca isn’t used publicly as the initiates continued in private or adapted the teachings to their own style after the covens in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne imploded or disappeared in the early to mid 00’s.  Even though I circled with a private offshoot coven of Elphame initiates and then ran my own closed coven for years – I’ve been feeling the need for structured group work with contemporaries or those interested in the pursuit of knowledge and practical working where I am not the one leading, mentoring or holding the space.

Although I have friends who I occasionally practice with privately as well as me running events through my two groups (Lyceum of Heka &  The Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads) which are predominately Witchcraft, Hellenic and Kemetic in nature – I went out looking in the Melbourne scene for a coven to circle with, without egocentric, money hungry or sexual predators teachers/mentors/facilitators close to home. The majority of groups I found had focuses I wasn’t interested in, were short lived or I wouldn’t touch with a 10ft barge pole due to my personal ethics and morals.

Last year I bit the bullet and joined The Silver Birtch Grove which is part of the ADF even though the druid path isnt my thing.  I love attending the rituals because I find them beautiful and powerful and really respect the facilitators of the grove I call friends. I continue to engage and connect to these gatherings but I am not interested in  the training programs through the ADF just yet – perhaps at a later stage down the road.

This year I’ve joined a friend’s private coven which is in the Georgian tradition and am taking the lessons like everyone else who’s been invited to join.  Working with this new coven has inspired me to relearn things from a different perspective and re-read certain books I’ve had for years and are the inspiration of various wiccan traditions such as: The Witches Bible, Buckland’s Big Blue Book, Natural Magick, Spiral Dance, Devoted to You, West Country Wicca etc and I am thankful I am such a bibliophile.  I’m actually quite surprised with how naturally I’ve gravitated towards Wicca again…I’m feeling quite reinvigorated with relearning this path from a different outlook.

I always believe that training and re-training through education is important for every magickal practitioner because we never stop learning no matter how experienced we think or feel we are 😉


Image used with permission  (C)