Pagan Blog Project: J is for Jar Spells


What is a Jar Spell?

A jar spell is a spell which is contained in a jar and sealed to influence someone or something.  These kinds of spells are predominately created with the intention of swaying the person’s affections towards you in a positive way.  In most of these spells a sweetening agent is added such as honey or sugar along with a representation of the person or situation, herbs, crystals, stones, oils, waters, (pretty much anything you can use in spellcraft) along with a worded or illustrated petition of desire.  The jar is then sealed with wax to keep it secure and put in an appropriate place where it wont be disturbed.

Tina’s Jar Spell (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


1.            1 Jar
2.            Honey, maple or corn syrup, molasses (one of the items)
3.            Wax (sealing or candle)
4.            Red Pen & White Paper
5.            Nail or hair clippings from both parties
(this isn’t absolutely necessary but enables the spell to work much faster)
5.            Herbs, Roots, Crystals, Stones, Resins etc
(items which are synchronistic to the type of spell you are performing)


1.            Ensure jar has been washed and cleaned.

2.            On a piece of paper write the name of the person you want to influence x 3.

3.            Next write your name on top of the other person’s name going in the opposite                       direction x 3 (ie vertically across the horizontally written name of the person you                 want to influence).

4.            Finish off by writing out what your desire is in a circle around both names,                             therefore enclosing them.

5.            Place nail and hair clippings from both parties in the middle of the paper and fold                 it so the clippings are contained securely within it. Whilst you are folding it up to                 the smallest size you physically can, visualize what kind of feelings you want to                     promote within the other person, to have towards you.

6.            Place the folded paper package at the bottom of the jar.

7.            Place any relevant herb, crystal, resin etc whose energetic vibrations you want to                 infuse into the spell.

8.            Using honey, maple syrup, corn syrup or molasses, fill it to the shoulder of the                      jar.  This ends up completely submerging the folded up paper and any herbs,                        crystals, resins etc  you  have placed in the jar and whilst doing this say                                    “as this fills up with sweetness, so do you become sweet towards me”.

9.            Close the jar and seal it around the edges of the lid with candle or sealing wax                         visualising your petition manifesting in reality.

10.          Place jar in an area where it wont be disturbed ie back of a kitchen cupboard.


Simple Use for Jar Spells

Above is a simple jar spell to get a person to favour you and look upon you in a positive and warm way.   This can be used for anyone who is cranky, unresponsive, unsupportive, controlling, manipulating and making your life miserable such as a family, friends, co-workers, tradespersons, inlaws, judges, lawyers etc.


© T. Georgitsis 2014

Pagan Blog Project: K is for Khernips

420387_10150866127474762_409761403_n(c) T Georgitsis 2012

Khernips which is also known as lustral water is blessed or sacred water which is employed in Hellenic rites and can be used in the devotional workings of Hekate.

Khernips is primarily used for libations, offerings and to purge oneself of miasma (environmental and energetic pollutants believed to cause illness by the Ancient Greeks and modern Hellenes).  It can also be used to heal body/mind/spirit/emotion and can be consumed for internal use or applied externally (depending on the properties).  Khernips can be employed to bless or consecrate anything from shrine/altar tools, jewellery and places of practice to plants, people and pets.  Washing one’s hands with blessed water before entering into ritual was common practice for the Ancient Greeks as it was believed to keep miasma at bay.  Khernips can be also used to put out a ritual fire, to wash ritual clothing and for use in practical and ceremonial magic, such as where one creates objects for specific purposes like a talisman from clay and water.

The Ancient Greeks made their khernips simply by collecting it from a sacred spring or well and storing it in a jug or similar vessel for devotional use.  The same technique can be employed now but if you are collecting from a spring, be sure to leave an appropriate offerings like coins, flowers or herbs. Another way to make this sanctified water is as easy as colleting rain water and purifying it.  My favourite technique of making khernips is collecting sea water. This can be ritualistically done by placing the vessel just on the shore line and collecting the water through a wave as it comes towards you. Several other methods of khernips I have successfully used over the years includes: mixing kosher rock salt and purified water, herbal/flower water (orange blossom, lavender, rose and angelica for Hekate), aromatherapy water utilising cold pressed essential oil and purified water mixed with wine (sweet pine wine or anything robust).

(c) T. Georgitsis 2012

The way you can use khernips is by placing it in a glass lidded container for storage and then pouring it into a bowl or jug for ritual use.  You can then dip your hands into the bowl or alternatively pour the khernips over your hands from a jug to purify yourself before rites.  Use a bundle of tied up herbs to asperge with or alternatively use your hands to sprinkle it over things like offerings, tools and sacred space.  Also putting khernips in a spray bottle to be able to diffuse it within an area works very well, as does using a water bottle or a bottle with a dripper. Some khernips, especially those having plant materials, need to be refrigerated or alternatively a preservative needs to be added such as a dash of wheat germ oil, olive oil or pure alcohol to keep it from going rancid.

(c) T. Georgitsis 2011

This is a simple khernips blessings I created as part of my regular devotional use for Hekate which I would like to share:

Tina’s Khernips Blessing (© T. Georgitsis 2013)

Light the end of a dried bay laurel leaf and say

I banish all that is unclean, corrupt and profane with the aid of Hekate

then plunge the lit end into the water and say

It is purified, upright and sanctified in Hekate’s name”.

You can employ the same method by holding some rock salt over a bowl of water, sprinkling the rock salt over the water and finishing off by swivelling around the mixture in the bowl with both hands.

(C) T. Georgitisis 2013 (first appeared in The Australian Pagan Magazine – Issue 4)

The Australian Pagan Magazine (Issue 4): Regular Hekate Column – Khernips/Sacred Water

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