Lotus Oil Infusion Recipe


Cold pressed essential lotus oil can be quite expensive, mixed with other fragrances or oils which you don’t want or can be hard to find. ┬áTherefore a few years back I made my own lotus oil infusion for use in my Kemetic rites and heka which I am sharing below:

Lotus Oil Infusion

Ingredients Needed
*Lotus Root
*Olive or Almond Oil
*Wheatgerm or Vitamin E Oil
*Small Piece of Clear Quartz


*Place some lotus root in a glass jar and add some olive oil or almond oil to cover (depending on how much you want to make).

*Put in direct sunlight for up to a week macerating occasionally (for best results leave from two weeks up to a month).

*Strain and separate oil infusion from lotus root (throw out lotus root).

*Place oil infusion in a blue or green glass bottle and add 10 drops of Wheatgerm or Vitamin E Oil to prevent from going rancid.

*Lastly place a small piece of cleansed clear quartz with the mixture to enhance its energetics.

Note: To keep the Lotus Oil Infusion for longer store in the refrigerator.

Use to anoint self and items in ritual and heka.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2001