Blood Moon aka Solar Lunar Eclipse


What is a Blood moon?

A blood moon is a Full moon which is a solar lunar eclipse.

The earth is between the sun and the moon which causes the moon to have a reddish tinge due to the red light which skims over the earth.


What can you do on a Blood moon?

  1. Cast spells for cleansing, banishing or releasing.
  2. Hold a ritual for transformation.
  3. Work with your shadow self.
  4. Veneration work with blood bound ancestors.


When is the next Blood moon?

Saturday 28th – eclipse commences at 4.24am, moon is full at 6.20am (EST Melbourne, Australia) and it will be a micro full moon.

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Basic Spell & Spellcrafting 101


Spellcraft is the active ability to create and work spells.  A spell is a combination of words used as a magical charm or incantation which can be used with specific items which resonate with the intent of the spell.

Before attempting a spell here are some things you need to pay attention to:

  • Create a clear thought-out plan of the spell which should be prepared with the exact words used to be written down or memorised;
  • The steps involved in a spell should be gone over before you attempt the spell to ensure it flows smoothly;
  • Sacred space should be prepared before commencing the spell as this is important for mood setting and protection;
  • People tend to contact you when you are conducting magic as they can sometimes feel the subtle energies evoked and want a piece of it, therefore with this said – don’t answer the door and the phone should be placed on do not disturb.
  • The rule “do what thou will and harm none” is only be adhered to when casting a spell and working within the Wiccan tradition and this includes the manipulation of other people’s wills (this rule is void in other forms of magic and situations when used in protection ie. when someone is trying to physically harm you, you can put a binding spell on them to block them without the need to ask for permission).
  • You must never perform a spell if you are feeling angry, upset, ill or under the influence of drugs or alcohol as this can cause adverse effects such as the spell backfiring; and
  • It is wise to conduct a divination reading on the outcome of the spell and if you should pursue it.


For a spell to work you have to have: Desire, Belief, Faith and Trust that it will work.  This is the true magic as you are manipulating the subtle energies around you and this includes your own will and when you send it out.  Any little feeling of doubt will cancel out the magic of the spell.

You also need to follow the adage of “To Keep Silent” from the witches pyramid, as you need to not tell anyone about the spell as it takes the power of it away and might not manifest.  Also a good thing to note when the spell is successful is to not overtly brag about it as the universe can slap you on the wrist (ie take it away or make it turn on you) for being so egotistical.  You may share your experience with others but remember to remain humble otherwise your arrogance can be your undoing.

My general rule with spellcraft is always make do with what you have at the time.  There is no use in going out and spending large sums of money on ingredients and tools.  With that said, over time you will accrue a storehouse of items you will need and with this in mind it is ideal that you learn the basics about the uses of the following items which can be used successfully in spellcraft: colours, crystals, essential oils, herbs and incense.

This information can be gathered from various texts and will be of great use as this will help you substitute for ingredients or items you are missing and help you create a spell when you have limited time.  I don’t get too caught up in exact measurements of items/ingredients as I use my instinct and past experiences as a guide to how much and what I should use as my personal preference is to make my own as its tailor made for what I need it for.  When starting out however I would suggest following the guidance of some well versed spells in well-known published spell books such as those of Raymond Buckland, Scott Cunningham, Viviane Crowley and Judika Illes.


Moon phases are important in spellcrafting:

Full Moon (Psychic & Manifestation spells)

Waxing Moon (Invoking spells)

Wanning Moon (Banishing spells)

New Moon (Psychic & Invoking spells)

Dark Moon (Banishing & Divination spells)

Its good to note that the moon passes through particular star sign energies so these should be known and worked with before the commencement of a spell.

Tools such as tarot, runes, symbols and invocations/dedications to Gods/Goddesses can be used in conjunction with spells as an aid and can increase the power of the spell drastically.

In the end the way your spell turns out falls on you so ensure your intent and purpose is clear and reach for the stars.

Happy spell crafting!

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(First appeared in Avalon Issue 1, 2013)
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