Pagan Blog Project: N is for Natural Medicine (Food Crafting)


As someone who absolutely adores natural medicine I predominately employ it through food or as I like to call it food crafting.   The thing which stood out to me and which I was taught when I studied nutrition and food as medicine is that a change in what you eat through what you can consume can clear up 80% of you’re your health problems. Therefore I love to create recipes which have specific purposes in which magick is employed and the use of the vibration of the food is worked with.  I regularly prepare seasonal, high quality and appropriately synchronistic food and drink for the new moon, full moon,  sabbats and special festival days. Since creating recipes for specific emotional and physical health related issues are also a passion of mine I always work that into what I am planning.

A varied and balanced approach to food crafting  using seasonal foods for specific purposes is an act of  magickal working. It can bring harmony to yourself  as the creator, those you share your food with and it  also can fulfill the needs of the body, mind, spirit and emotions of everyone involved in the process – from creation to consumption.  The art of food crafting can connect you to the natural world and can therefore spark creativity within. This can be quite fulfilling spiritually and emotionally, whilst creating something that can manifest or assist in physical and mental healing.

It’s important to remember that whilst preparing food, the way you feel can imbue the recipe with those energies. Be mindful when cooking to keep your intent focused on what you are creating and the feelings you are putting into your work. There is energy in the act of food crafting itself, which is imparted in to the food. It can have an impact on those who partake of it, so remember to be focused on your intention when in the kitchen. Food crafting in anger, haste and with the constant worry that the food will taste awful, as well as not using fresh ingredients, can cause the food to vibrate with chaotic energy resulting in it not tasting the best. There are methods to combat these situations and assist in the act of positive food crafting. Try to buy seasonal ingredients as these will be the freshest available and therefore resonate with a higher vibrational energy. They are also cheaper due to seasonal abundance and this is also good on the finances.

Remember to set some time aside for preparation. Focus in a positive, proactive way whilst working on your recipe and keep the energy around you in line with your intent. This can be accomplished by listening to uplifting music, dancing around the kitchen whilst you cook, singing along, sending love and good vibes into the food. Chanting or praying over the food with the aid of the Gods or guides is a useful tool in magical food preparation. Since food crafting opens you up to self-reflection, sometimes negative or unbalanced thought-forms can creep in. Don’t be too hard on yourself and use it as an opportunity to change your thought patterns. In no time you will find yourself slipping back into positive and proactive mindfulness.  I personally find that when I food craft I fall into a light trance and feel very centered. This allows me to step away from everything else going on in my life and focus completely on the task before me. In moments like this I feel connected to the life force of the food and also the life force of the universe. I personally find this deepens the connection to Deity and brings me great peace and joy.


All food resonates with energy and this can be used to harness, activate healing or add specific intentional types of vibrations to the person who eats it which then becomes a wonderful and purpose filled magickal act. Traditionally food has always been considered a medicine and it has been used to treat various ailments including depression through the consumption of specific foods. Even though depression is seen primarily as distress of the mind and emotions, it can also be found that it is grounded in a stagnant liver. Therefore, foods that renew the liver are quite appropriate forms of food as medicine. Some of these include: brown rice, cucumber, apples, cabbage, fresh wheat germ, kudzu root and apple cider vinegar.

Bitter foods can also be used when treating some forms of depression as it has a calming effect within the heart. In this case it can assist in clearing out the physical heart with respects to the removal of build up in the arteries. Some of these bitter foods include: alfalfa, chamomile, dandelion root, green tea, gobo (burdock root), melons, berries, oranges and lemons. Other types of food which can have a positive effect on depression include: whole grains and pulses, essential fatty acids such as those contained in deep sea fish, shellfish and flax seed, vitamin B and magnesium rich food such as green leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus), sunflower seeds, olive oil, honey, garlic, onion, ginger, beetroot, dates, peas, apricots, grapes, tomatoes, capsicum, turnips, swede, cherries, peas, pears, plums, prunes and mushrooms.

Herbs that can be combined with food or made as teas are useful in the treatment of depression. Some useful herbs include: fennel, dill, basil, St John’s wort, rosemary, thyme, borage, lemon balm, angelica, clary sage, coriander, liquorice, Siberian ginseng, gingko biloba, kava kava, valerian, cinnamon and the vanilla bean.

Food crafting can stimulate or bring up various effects if you  choose the right ingredients and with that in mind you need to be selective when food combining and focusing on what energies you want to bring in.

© T. Georgitsis 2012 (excerpt of article which appeared in Spirit & Spell February 2012, Issue 2)

A little bit about me…..

I was raised with magick and spirituality as part of my everyday life and I continue to walk the path this way, to this day.  

My biggest influence was my mother who comes from Greek Egyptian roots.  She was a magickal practitioner and was the one who taught and infused my life with Hermetic and Greek Folk Magick and was in turn taught by her aunt who studied in Alexandria, Egypt under a Magus.

Having been heavily influenced by my mother’s deeply spiritual nature, who taught me that a connection and devotion to deity as well as nature is a gateway to higher forms of magick, which not only transcends the physical but lives within it, I developed an appreciation and deep love of the occult early on.   As I matured, I sought the connection in other faiths, modalities of healing and divination whilst also working with various expressions of sorcery.

I was free (on the most part) to be a true seeker, unlike my mother and aunt who had  to blend their magickal tradition along with Christianity (Greek Orthodox) due to having to hide it for fear of discrimination.  I practiced my own familial tradition from a very young age with the guidance of my mother.  In my teen years, I branched out as I researched and experimented as a “solitary” magickal practitioner with respects to other systems.  At 18, I entered the public spiritual/magickal community to be able to meet with like-minded others.

During the subsequent years with some ascendant highlights and cataclysmic low-lights, I maintained my deep love and appreciation for the Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian paths whist also skirting other traditions I have a familial connection to.

My first full time job out of tertiary education (DBA) I was working for an agricultural manufacturing company for several years.  Seeing how they were manipulating the seeds and grains (GMO)  it really opened my eyes to what companies were doing to our food and I developed a fascination with natural and holistic health. I left that role to go back to school and study a Bac of Health Science (Naturopathy) whilst continuing to work in food manufacturing, which included a well known vitamin supplementation company, before finally moving into the education sector.  This “working” aspect of my life greatly influenced my magickal and spiritual attributes and I personally wouldn’t have taken any other path since I learned so much.

I developed into a highly intuitive psychic reader and medium thanks to my mother’s guidance, however at the age of 21, I joined the American Tarot Association after discovering tarot at the age of 15 and over time became a Tarot Councillor.  My tarot card readings went from reading on my family’s kitchen table for relatives and friends, to a professional reader in various new age stores for clients.

I have also worked as a crystologist for a crystal wholesaler, with various new age and magickal retail stores as a tarot reader (incorporating astrology, palm reading and numerology), an energetic healer as well as workshop facilitator in various occult, spiritual and vibrational medicines and I continue to offer readings, workshops and courses to this day.

At the same age, I joined my first Wiccan coven: Temple of Ka Ibis/Temple of the Wise (Church of Wicca) whom I circled with for 3 years.  I took on the craft name A’set and went from being an initiated cowan (seeker) to being an initiated priestess.  This tradition of wicca was the Elphame current which has its roots in the Celtic path and was brought to Australia by Rhiannon Ryall whom I was fortunate to meet with a few years before her passing. After leaving our mother coven, myself and a few other initiates created our own coven called Runamaka which we co-ran for 7 years.

Through my Wiccan coven I discovered Reiki and various forms of energetic healing and after much study and practice I became a qualified Tibetan Reiki, Usui Reiki, Isis Seichim and Sekhmet Sekhem Master.   These qualifications took just over 8 years to attain because I wanted to work and master each initiation for a full year so I could treat clients and train students in a encompassing and thorough way.

After the Runamaka coven dissolved, I ran my own coven for 5 years called “House of Egyptian Magicians”, which focused on Tamerian and Hermetic ceremonial rituals and workings.

I joined the Fellowship of Isis around the same time I joined my first Wiccan coven but it wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I eventually found a Lyceum to join and after several years of  study and practice was initiated to the level of Priestess Hierophant and opened up my own Fellowship of Isis Lyceum of Heka which I continue to run to this day.  In 2015, I became a ArchPriest and was inducted in The ArchPriesthood Union of the FOI Union Triad: ArchPriesthood Union.

It was around this time I felt stagnated by the Celtic tradition of Wicca I was involved with.  This was due to the fact I didn’t feel the blood connection or aligned to the tradition deep down inside of me so I travelled overseas to Greece for a spiritual sojourn.  This is what I needed as I travelled around the sacred sites which inspired and reinvigorated me.  This trip also allowed me to network with local Hellenics and find out more about my ancestral history which fed the connections I was seeking to my blood ties.

The other temples/magickal groups I have joined and been a contributing member to over the years (other than the above mentioned) are:

Founding Member and Torchbearer of The Covenant of Hekate running the The Sanctuary of Hekate’s Crossroads .  As of February 2016 I resigned from the COH;

Shemsu at a Kemetic Orthodox Temple: House of Netjer;

Member of Haitian Vodou house Sosyete Fos Fe Yo We;

Master Mason in Lodge of The Southern Cross in Co-Masonry (Scottish Rite). As of the end of 2016 my mother lodge has now closed.  I remain an upstanding member;

Founding Member of Georgian Wiccan Coven BlueStone Luth. As of the end of 2016 this coven has been closed by its HPS.

I’ve always had a love of reading and writing and after editing and contributing to the “Witchtower”,  a short lived  in house publication for my first wiccan coven and sharing my poetry at a few of my covens gatherings I realized that my love for writing was being developed on a deeper scale, especially when I often wrote detailed rituals for my coven complete with poetic invocations. I went on to complete several writing courses in order to give me more structure and confidence and after this started my first public foray of writing which was a short event article on the International Tarot Conference in the mid 00’s in the hard copy mag ” Witchcraft Magazine “.

Since then I have been published in several books: Hekate: Her Sacred Fires, Memento Mori, Beyond the Pillars: An Anthology of Pagan FantasyThe Queen of the Sky Who Rules Over All the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Bast, With Lyre and Bow: A Devotional in Honor of Apollo, First and Last: A Devotional for Hestia, She Who Speaks Through Silence: An Anthology for Nephthys and magazines MAGICK, Starlit Path, Isis Seshat, Isian News, Mirror of Isis, Spirit & Spell, Goddess Guru,  Axis Mundi, Avalon, The Sacred Circle, The Australian Pagan Magazine, Askei Kataskei, The Alternative Spirit, Brigantia (FOI), Wyld Zine and Mystic Tribe.

In 2015 I was fortunate enough to edit my first book which I proposed to Bibliotheca Alexandrina (a small non for profit publishing house which publishes anthologies featuring contemporary Hellenic and Kemetic polytheist authors in honour of the Gods).  I also contributed to this  anthology as the devotional was on the subject of  one of my main patrons – Sekhmet.  The book is called Sekhmet Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet and it can be purchased here:

Daughter of the Sun

I created and ran an Isis (A’set) yahoo group Isis-Star for many years where her practices where discussed and explored (became defunct when those groups were left dormant with the advent of social media such as Facebook).

I also created and moderate a Hekate Facebook group on Hekate called Hekate’s Crossroads since 2011 which brings people together in her name all over the world to discuss her related devotion and practice.  Shout out to the moderators Louise, Apryl and Bobbi who help me moderate and assist with various admin of said group.

I’m sure there are things I have missed but this is just some information about me and where I come from 🙂