Pagan Blog Project: O is for Oracle (Egg Oracle)


Basic divination signs after using an egg for Limpia (please see my previous post about Limpia: ) which you determine after breaking the limpia egg in a clear glass:


Birds can take the form of a crows, owls & vultures. Magick has been performed against the person. Also shows that the person is being watched or spied on.

Blood Spots:

Small Blood Spots:

Magick in the form of a harmful hex has been performed against the person which can result in illness.

Large Blood Spots:

Powerful magick in the form of a strong harmful hex in which demons or evil spirits has been performed against the person which can result in death and predominately the person already has signs of illness.

Broken Egg:

If the egg cracks or breaks in your hands it shows that the healer is being prevented from helping the person.


Small Bubbles:

Person has been psychically attacked.

The more bubbles the more frequent the attack.

Large Bubbles

Person has been bound either by themselves by acting badly towards others or another and things in their life are stagnant because of it.

The more bubbles the more enemies.

Tear Shaped Bubbles

If the bubbles have a tear drop which flows out it in any direction show that there is an entity attached to the person.  This can manifest as a positive or negative entity depending on who or what it is.  Positive spirits can be deceased loved ones and negative spirits can be malevolent demons.

The more bubbles the more spirits.


Nothing of importance to note as everything is balanced.



If yolk is any other colour other than yellow or amber, there is future illness being showed due to negativity sent to the person or being surrounded by negativity.

Egg White:

Cloudy, murky or discoloured in a darkened way soul  is fractured and needs to be resouled.  If the colour is milky magick has been performed against the person.


Dark night of the soul and must work to reconnect to their higher selves.

Double Yolk:

Sign of good luck and that there is positive outcomes.


Evil eye (hex) has been performed against the person.


Magick has been performed against the person in a binding or negative persuasion if the shape of a person’s face appears.  Features on the face can distinguish who conducted the magick.


Any sediment which forms at the bottom of the glass in the forms of particles shows that the person has an enemy and needs to beware

Sulphur Scent:

Magick in the form of a harmful hex has been performed against the person which can result in the loss of income, health, relationships or assets.  The stronger the scent the worse the hex.

White Line:

White line which appears across the egg yolk shows that any hex or magick against your patient has been cleansed successfully using the limpia it is known as the “line of separation”.

White Spots:

Illness manifesting currently or falsehoods when it comes to people around you, which you need to be wary of.

Umbilical Cord:

Double Cord:

More than one problem or issue is manifesting and causing havoc in the person’s life.

Position of Cord:

If the cord sits beneath the yolk it shows the person is unwilling to better their situation and nothing will get better for them until they change.


© T. Georgitsis 2014


Pagan Blog Project: L is for Limpia


What is a Limpia?

A limpia is a spiritual cleansing utilising an egg which is employed in some healing traditions such as those found within the gypsy and shaman paths.


Tina’s Simple Limpia Healing (© T. Georgitsis 2014)


1.            1 fresh chicken egg
2.            Holy water


1.            Submerge the egg in holy water.

2.            Make a sign of an equal armed cross on the top center of the person’s head with                   the egg and repeat this sign whilst moving down the body and covering all these                   areas: neck, chest, back, hands and feet whilst reciting a prayer (a prayer written                 to a healing deity would be ideal).

3.            Take the egg and rub it over the patient’s body from top to bottom in sweeping                     motions whilst continuing to recite the prayer you have chosen. You may choose                 to hover the egg over the person’s body and instead glide over their aura, if you                     don’t want to physically touch them with the egg.

4.            Once finished, crack the egg into a glass if you want to read it (that is another                         practice you can employ as part of the limpia healing which I will go into detail                     other time) or crack the egg and throw it into the toilet and flush it away.


Simple Use for Limpia

The above simple limpia healing would be used for any healing especially when its thought the person has been inflicted with the evil eye.


© T. Georgitsis 2014