The Establishment of the Celestial Cow aka Moomas

I like to use the time of the solstice in December to celebrate The Establishment of the Celestial Cow which modern Kemetics call Moomas because it occurs so close to Christmas.

Brief Explanation of The Establishment of the Celestial Cow

During the Amarna Period of Ancient Egypt The Book of the Heavenly Cow aka Book of the Cow of Heaven was created which details how Ra the Sun God was angry at humanity for their rebellion against him (by becoming corrupt and evil) so sent Hathor to serve divine retribution for this transgression. This divine retribution occurred through the Destruction of Mankind where Hathor becomes Ra’s emissary as the Eye of Ra (Sekhmet) and punishes humanity by eating up all evil ie slaughtering them. Unfortunately Ra realises Her wrath has become so consuming and overwhelming due killing every human who She comes across and She isn’t going to stop (which will end up completely annihilating humanity) therefore Ra realises he needs to stop it. Ra does this by placing beer which has been dyed red to give it the appearance of blood in her path. She drinks to fill, becoming so intoxicated falls into a deep sleep turning to her Hathor state when awoken. The survivors of the Destruction of Mankind end up suffering though a separation from Ra who elevates himself to reside in the sky on the back of Nut – the heavenly cow.

How I Celebrate Moomas

  1. I set up a Christmas style tree with stars as decorations and an images of a cow topping the tree.
  2. I send out Moomas cards to fellow Kemetics (I put out a call out on social media).
  3. I make offerings of incense, a flame (candle), beer, red meat and any other items such as jewellery, crystals, herbs etc on my Hathor/Sekhmet shrine.
  4. I read Hymns to Sekhmet and to Hathor (usually ones I have written in their names).
  5. I hold a Solstice Ritual to Hathor and Sekhmet.
  6. I donate to a charity whether it be through my time, effort or through donations (money or objects/items).
  7. I gift someone a present whom I feel will benefit from said gift emotionally/mentally (this personal changes yearly).
  8. I spend time in nature such as my garden, a park, the beach or the mountains.
  9. I pause to appreciate all I have, what I have survived and also achieved during the year.
  10. I bake a cake and/or cookies and make a gingerbread house to share with friends and/or coworkers.

Here is an invocation I wrote to Sekhmet many years ago and although my writing style has evolved since then, it doesn’t diminish the spirit it was written in and the power it has accumulated over the years it has been used:

SEKHMET INVOCATION © T. Georgitsis 2003

Lady of Flame

Whose power is in thy name

Aid us this night

With your presence and might

Ruler of the White Hot Sun

This rite’s magic has now begun

Great One of Magic

Banish anything that’s harmful and tragic

Goddess of Pestilence and Wars

Help us heal our emotional sores

Mother in the Horizon of Heaven

Death to negative energies and their brethren

Queen of the Wastelands

We leave our past failures disposals in your hands

Destroyer of Rebellions, those against you quake with fear

Help us to move forward and put our future into positive gear

Protectress we ask our idleness and weakness for you to destroy

As strength, wisdom and health we seek to employ,

Powerful Great Defender

Shield us from past, present and future pretender

Mistress of the Scorching Eye of Ra

Cleanse us from evil near and far

Most divine and greatest of healing

Preserve us from physical ailments and ill feeling

Keeper of the universal and karmic lore

Help us accept the past is gone and dwells no more

You are she who is pure and sacred – most holy one

Make sure all curses sent our way are smothered and undone

Lady whose enemies bend at your will

We will persevere and survive with your added skill

We call you forth to aid us in our plight

As we come to you in love and understanding – not fright

This is just a glimpse of how I prefer to celebrate the Summer Solstice yearly which falls in December (Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere).

For more information on Sekhmet you can purchase the devotional I edited in her name on Amazon:

(C) T. Georgitsis 2020