Hymn to Wesir…on his birthday…

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Hymn to Wesir

Hail to you, Lord of the Sacred Land,

With the two horns, exalted in the atef-crown.

Greatly dreaded, master of eternity,

Lord of Ma’at, rejoicing in her majesty.

Comfortable upon the great throne,

One the gods praise when they see him.

To whom those in the Underworld come rejoicing,

And [the Sunfolk kneel with] foreheads to the ground.

May your heart be gladdened in your kingship,

Your rule ensuring the throne for your son,

Heru, your successor upon earth,

After he seized the Two Lands in triumph.

The royal scribe, overseer of the estate, Kheruef, vindicated, who says:

Hail to you, Wennefer,

Son of Nut, heir of Geb.

Magnificent and majestic

In the hearts of mankind, gods, the redeemed, and the dead.

One who inspires dread in Busiris,

Powerful in Abydos.

Let me come and go among the righteous

Who are in the following of your Majesty:

And let me feast upon the offerings of your offering table

As is the custom of each day

from the Tomb of Kheruef

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