2023 Sabbat Dates: Southern Hemisphere


I like to honour my Gods and Ancestors during the astrological sabbat dates.

Below I have detailed the astrological sabbat dates for the Southern Hemisphere for 2023 with a brief description of what it symbolises:

February 4 2023
First autumn harvest festival.
Autumnal Equinox
March 21 2023
Day and night have same length. Days get shorter.
Samhain May 6 2023
Veil between worlds thinnest.
Winter Solstice
June 22 2023 
Day has the longest night.  Sun is at its lowest elevation in the sky.
Imbolc August 8 2023
Marks the beginning of spring.
Spring Equinox
September 23 2023
Day and night have same length. Days get longer.
Beltane November 8 2023 2.18am Halfway point between spring and summer. Fertility festival.
Summer Solstice
December 22 2023 1.27pm Day has the longest daylight. Sun travels the longest path through the sky.

All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) – add 1 hour for Daylight Savings Time when applicable.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2023

Special Moons of 2023

Moon magick is a practice I strongly resonate with. I love to create and venerate with the various phases of moon.  I love to engage in the moon’s ebbs and flows where I can move with the energies and enact rites with and for my Gods and Ancestors.  Regardless of what path I practice, regardless of what sorcery I perform, the moon is my guide through it all – a guiding presence for my workings.

This year we have various unique moons coming up where you can practice your full and new moon rituals and spell-work with added punch due to the added significance of these moons.  There are different types of magick you can create during these various significant moon phases which can assist you with your practice.

Listed below I have created various pages explaining the different moons and what magick you can practice in the associated links:

Micro Full Moon: 7th January 2023 – Micro Moon Magick

Super New Moon: 22nd January 2023 – Super Moon Magick

Micro Full Moon: 6th February 2023 – Micro Moon Magick

Super New Moon: 20th February 2023 – Super Moon Magick

Lunar Eclipse: 6th May 2023 – Lunar Eclipse Magick

Black Moon: 20th May 2023 – Black Moon Magick

Super Full Moon: 2nd August 2023 – Super Moon Magick

Micro New Moon: 16th August 2023 – Micro Moon Magick

Blue Moon: 31st August 2023 – Blue Moon Magick

Super Full Moon: 31st August 2023 – Super Moon Magick

Lunar Eclipse: 29th October 2023 – Lunar Eclipse Magick

(C) T. Georgitsis 2023


2023 Moon Phases: Southern Hemisphere

As a magical practitioner I like to work with the phases of the moon.  I find these useful for various rituals, devotionals, spells and other magical workings.

Some magickal workings which can be conducted on the following moon phases:

Full Moon (Psychic & Manifestation)

Waxing Moon (Invoking/Bringing In)

Wanning Moon (Banishing/Pushing Out)

New Moon (Psychic & Invoking)

Dark Moon (Banishing & Divination)

Moon Phases in Australia (EST) for 2023:

New Moon

Waxing Moon

Full Moon

Waning Moon





7 Jan


15 Jan


22 Jan


29 Jan


6 Feb


14 Feb


20 Feb


27 Feb


7 Mar


15 Mar


22 Mar


29 Mar


6 Apr


13 Apr


20 Apr


28 Apr


6 May


13 May


20 May


28 May


4 Jun


11 Jun


18 Jun


26 Jun


3 Jul


10 Jul


18 Jul


26 Jul


2 Aug


8 Aug


16 Aug


24 Aug


31 Aug


7 Sep


15 Sep


23 Sep


29 Sep


7 Oct


15 Oct


22 Oct


29 Oct


5 Nov


13 Nov


20 Nov


27 Nov


5 Dec


13 Dec


20 Dec


27 Dec




(C) T. Georgitsis 2023

Greek Folk Magick: New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day

Today is the last day of the Gregorian calendar year.

In my family we always had our Greek folk traditions and celebrations to honour this time as New Years was one of the main holidays we observed.

I continue to honour some of the Greek folk customs to this day whilst also incorporating and acknowledging my ancestors and one of my main patron Gods – Hekate.

Some Greek folk traditions you can do on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to bring in good luck, prosperity, health and blessings can be:

  1. Hang up a fresh pomegranate over your front door before New Year’s Eve and then pull it down and smash it on your door step on New Year’s Day. 

    You can then upcycle the pomegranate by drying it and then burning it as incense. Hekate is the perfect Goddess to offer it to as she not only is font of pomegranate but also a liminal Goddess which this is a time of.

  2. Play cards on New Year’s Eve to bring in luck.

    You can also give yourself a tarot reading by pulling a card for each month of the year to see what will unfold for you.

  3. Light sparklers or watch fireworks to welcome in the New Year.

    You can light a candle or an olive oil lamp to Hekate as a liminal Goddess to welcome in the New Year. You can also light candles and oil lamps to your ancestors.

  4. At midnight on New Year’s Eve throw all your change at the front door and then the next day the first person to wake up and gather it – has collected that luck.  

    You can donate the coins to a charity in Hekate’s name.

  5. Hang up an onion inside the house on New Years’ Day.  

    You can hang it up above your Hekate shrine/altar as a devotional offering.

  6. Enter your home on New Years’ Day on the right foot by literally walking into your home with your right foot first.

    You can asperge around your home clockwise three times with bay leaves and khernips as a cleansing beforehand after you have called upon Hekate for assistance or alternatively smoke cleanse around your home by burning some dried bay laurel leaves.

  7. Bake a cake with a coin (wrapped in bakers parchment) within it and share it with your loved ones.  The person who gets a piece with the coin is going to have a lucky year.  The traditional cake is called a vasilopita but you can also make an basic almond flour sponge.

    You can offer a piece to Hekate as a food offering.

  8. Sing traditional carols.

    You can also sing hymns or prayers to your ancestors and Hekate.

  9. Exchange gifts brought by Agios Vassilis (Greek Santa Claus).

    You can also make offerings to your ancestors and Hekate.

  10. Decorate a small wooden boat with twinkling lights.  This is a symbolic vessel for family members who aren’t able to be with us during the holiday season.

    You can also light a candle on your ancestor shrine along with some livani incense.  You can inscribe a white candle with your loved ones name and burn it on Hekate’s shrine.

  11. Share a meal with loved ones with traditional sweet cakes (kourabiedes and melamokarona).

    You can also leave food offerings on your doorsteps for Hekate or the spirits of the house.
  1. Go for a swim in the sea or lake to cleanse yourself.

    You can also use Khernips made from salt and purified water and ritually cleanse yourself with the aid of Hekate.

If you don’t honour Hekate you can substitute one of your patron God/dess with the above suggestions as long as your devotion and intention is pure.

So work your magick this New Year’s, honour the liminal time and cleanse the old and bless the new to enable you to embrace the beginning of a new calendar year.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2022

Solstice Blessings: Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Norther Hemisphere!

Wishing all a fabulous solstice and turning of the wheel in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres!☀️

I have previously written on some things you can do for the summer solstice in my blog here:

I have also written previously some things you can do for the winter solstice in my blog here:

(C) T. Georgitsis 2022

Full Moon Eclipse Magick: 8th November 2022


What, When and Why of the Lunar Eclipse

We have a lunar eclipse coming up on the 8th November 2022. A solar eclipse always comes two weeks after a solar eclipse which occurred on the 25th October 2022.

A lunar eclipse which is often called a Blood Moon, happens during a full moon when the earth’s placement falls between the sun and the moon – which casts a shadow across the moon. 

This lunar eclipse will be visible in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and parts of South America.  A partial lunar eclipse will be visible from Russia, Central Asia, Iceland and parts of South America.

You will be able to view this lunar eclipse safely with the naked eye.

To see if you can view the lunar eclipse from your area, go here for more information:

Lunar Eclipse Guide November 8th 2022


Magick of the Lunar Eclipse

Eclipse magick is when the energy is amplified due to the moon energies intermingling.  The Lunar Eclipse energies transition through the new and full moon phases during the eclipse, which enables the moon to cycle through the various stages of the moon and its magick.

This total eclipse is in Taurus* therefore the energies heightened during this time is the Taurus star sign.

The kind of magick you can perform during the lunar eclipse:

  • Liminal – magick worked between the darkness and the light.
  • Cleansing – with relation to body, mind, spirit and emotions.
  • Releasing – energy which is chaotic and destructive.
  • Raising – energy which is grounded through movement.
  • Working – on the shadow self.
  • Manifestation – reveal that which is hidden.
  • Protection – against curses, bad habits, bad relationships and untoward connections.
  • Devotion – to lunar or liminal Gods and Goddess.
  • Intention – mundane and spiritual development which needs illumination.
  • Reduction – magick which can reduce a situation, habit or thing.
  • Banishment – removal of obstacles which have been hindering you.
  • Transformation – of self or situations you are involved in.
  • Veneration – of the blood bound ancestors.
  • Revelation – of what we need to complete or move on from.


Sorcery of the Lunar Eclipse

This Taurus moon will be very empowering and will motivate us to embrace that aspect of ourselves.  It will pull us towards the way we have been drawn towards for a while, however it will feel somewhat unexpected.  This is due to hidden desires being able to be fully felt and acknowledged, connecting us and enabling them to be seen and manifested.  It will also allow us to seise our personal fire found within our souls to deeply explore these desires and make them a reality.

Since Taurus is an earth sign it’s a great time to work with this element.  The perfect magic for this sign is working with something tangible where you can get your hands dirty.  

Below I have outlined a ritual you can perform in any tradition you resonate to, with the guidance of Hekate which works with the energies of this moon:

Hekate Eclipse Magick by Setjataset


Chose a liminal time and place for the ritual to be set, preferably around the time of the eclipse.

Purify body by showering.

Your working space and offering should be placed on a shrine or working altar and should include: a bowl of earth (or sand), black candle, red candle, purified water, salt, a token or offering you have for Hekate, incense and an image/statue of Hekate.

Welcoming and Opening

Open sacred space or the shrine/altar and welcome Hekate by simply calling to her or reciting a hymn, poem, evocation in her name.

Light your incense and waft over sacred space.

Sprinkle purified salted water mixed with salt over sacred space.

Magical Working

Write or carve on a black candle what personal hindrance you want to move on from.

Write or carve on a red candle what personal desire you want to manifest.

If so desired anoint both candles. Use an oil such as Abramelin oil or something simple such as olive oil. You can also use one of the Oils For Hekate from the list I have compiled previously used in her devotion.  If you have no oil, use your own saliva.  Sprinkle a bit of the earth on each of the candles over the oil/saliva to earth them.

Light both candles.

Push the black candle away from you and the red candle towards you and then say:

“Hekate Queen of Earth, Sky and Sea

Assist me to straddle this liminal time

Guide me through the Darkness and into the Light

With the power of the moon I bless and release my intentions” 

Let the candles burn down completely in a safe manner.

Thanks and Closing

Thank Hekate and close sacred space or the shrine/altar.

Ritual is now complete and any grounding work can take place.

Do not speak about your working until it has manifested.

*Taurus is an earth sign which is ruled by Venus. It is a sign which can appear stubborn but is consistent, stable, hard working, loyal, resilient, ambitious,  focused, trustworthy,  full of sensual passion and devotion who loves luxury and comfort. 

In her name


(C) T. Georgitsis 2022

Isian News: Issue #186, Samhain 2022

In the latest issue of Isian News by the Fellowship of Isis, features a piece by me called Amulet Stones and Their Magic which describes what it is, what it does and how to use it magically/spiritually.

For your FREE copy follow this link:

Solar Eclipse Magick: 25th October 2022


What, When and Why of the Solar Eclipse

We have a solar eclipse coming up on the 25th of October 2022. A solar eclipse always comes two weeks before a lunar eclipse which occurs on the 8th of November 2022.

A solar eclipse is when a moon is placed between the earth and sun which casts a shadow over the earth.  This only occurs during the new moon phase. This solar eclipse is a partial solar eclipse which means the moon doesn’t fully block out the sun, therefore only a portion of the sun is obscured and the moon looks like it’s taking a “bite” out of the sun.

This solar eclipse will be partially visible in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia, East Indies, Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe. For Melbourne, Australia the eclipse begins at 7.58pm, is at its maximum at 10.00pm and ends at around 12.02am.

Please Note: A partial solar eclipse should ONLY be viewed  through solar filters like a pair of solar eclipse glasses for safety reasons, as you don’t want to damage your eyes.

To see if you can view the lunar eclipse from your area, go here for more information:

Solar Eclipse Guide October 25th 2022


Magick of the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse magick is when the energy is amplified due to the moon energies intermingling with the sun energies.  The sun and the moon are in the same star sign and the energies co-mingling this way, emphasises the energies of that particular sign.  This solar eclipse is in Scorpio* therefore the energies heightened during this time is the Scorpio star sign.

The kind of magick you can perform during the solar eclipse:

  • Liminal – magick worked between the darkness and the light.
  • Transition – use the sun and moon moving through this time to highlight or work with important transitions in your life.
  • Change – harness this quick moving energy to bring about purposeful change in your life.
  • Rebirth – moving from one cycle to the other in the form of a death of the old and and bringing in and welcoming of the new.
  • Breaking – down barriers before you which have caused blockages in your life can now be removed.
  • Movement – cleanse the stagnant decayed and no longer necessary and embrace the fresh new and potential within problem areas of your life.
  • Rituals/Spells – in dedication to Gods who embrace this time and can assist you in manifesting the energies of the liminal, transitional, rebirth, movement, breaking away and change such as Hekate.


Sorcery of the Solar Eclipse

Scorpio moon is a good time to cleanse and reset so I would suggest focusing on releasing what no longer aids you to be able to focus on a fresh start. Work out what you need to let go of to be able to fully embrace a new beginning. This can be anything from unhealthy relationships, situations we find ourselves in, to habits we need to move away from.  It’s time to remove these things to make room for that which benefits us.

Since scorpio is a water sign it’s a great time to work with this element.  The perfect water magic for this sign is the ebb and flow ability of water which is found by the sea, stream or river. As it is a moving body of water – its waters are transformative.  I have created and used the following ebb and flow water magick in practical workshops dedicated to Hekate.  I would suggest this be performed liminally on the shore of a beach/bank of a river.

Ebb and Flow Water Magick

Stand on the shore of a beach or bank of a stream/river and place the container which you will be using to collect the living water on your right. Pick up a handful of sand or a stone from the shore/bank and place it on your left.

Evoke a Deity which resonates with this time of sorcery and leave an appropriate offering (I would suggest Hekate Einalia if you are working on a beach and using sea water).

Look out before you to into the ocean/stream/river and repeat the following blessing:

“I come to you during this time of transformation

To take of your waters for self consecration

Like the powerful energies of your ebb and flow

I ask you to remove obstacles to allow me to flourish and grow.”

Pick up the sand/stone with your left hand and pick up the container with your right hand and walk down to the water’s edge. Focus on your left hand with the sand/stone and think upon what you want to let go of in your life and then throw it in the water.  Now focus on your right hand with the container and think upon what you want to bring into your life and collect some water in it .  Take the water home and either place it into a bath you have run, ensuring you submerge you head or pour it over your head in the shower to receive the blessings of renewal.

*Scorpio is water sign which is ruled by Mars. It is a sign which can appear intense and introspective yet emanates authenticity, loyalty, intelligence, creativity and passion whilst embracing fearlessness and boldness.

In her name


(C) T. Georgitsis 2022

Kemetic Devotion: Lotus

Symbol of the Lotus

The lotus flower in Ancient Egypt was quite significant and symbolised rebirth, creation and the sun. This is due to the fact the lotus flower at dawn opens up its petals towards the sun (over the water it lives in) and in the evening when the sun sets, it closes itself up and withdraws back under the water. The lotus also symbolised spiritual enlightenment and healing and Ancient Egyptians were often depicted eating them as well as bathing with them. The lotus also symbolised the Nile where the branches of the lotus were seen to be the branches of the Nile which was fertile and abundant.

In Ancient Egyptian tombs the lotus was the symbol of the union of the lower and upper Egypt, as well as the symbol of rebirth due to the strong connections to life after death. The lotus was so prevalent and valued it was was used to decorate cups and bowls due to its shape, as well as frequently appearing in architecture – often adorning columns and monoliths in structures, as well as used in the design and decorations of ships.

In Ancient Egypt the types of lotus depicted and used were the white lotus (Nymphaea lotus) which opens its flowers at dusk and the blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) which opens its flowers at dawn from the Nymphaeaceae (Water-Lily) family. The blue lotus was also known as the Egyptian lotus, blue water lily, and scared lily of the Nile which was highly valued to due its fragrance and delicate yet beautiful shape. The blue lotus can still be found in the wild in the Delta of modern Egypt (known as lower Egypt where Memphis was located in Ancient Egypt).

In modern day – the lotus is a symbol of rebirth as well as purity and strength. In Modern Egypt the white lotus is the county’s national flower.

The Lotus in Myth

The blue lotus was associated with Nefertem who embodied the manifestation of the life giving primordial lotus and was the master of perfume.

The lotus was also associated with Ra the Sun God who brought his light to the world and the lotus itself symbolised the “Soul of Ra” which would open its blooms every sunrise and emit its celestial scent.

Hapi the Nile God was depicted with a lotus flower upon his head due to its connection to the Nile.

The Use of Lotus Historically

The lotus was not only a spiritual symbol but it was also used for its fragrance which was and is still used in perfumes, incense and oils which have various applications. Historically the root was used in skin powders and ointments and the whole lotus: flowers, leaves, seeds and roots were used to make medicine – specifically for stomach, liver, bleeding, cough and fever conditions. The blue lotus flower specifically was used as a sleep aid and anxiety reliever, as well as used in bread (however in the modern day I would warn against its use due to the fact it can be quite toxic and poison you).

Lotus flowers were often presented as offerings at funerals and were found covering King Tutankhamun’s body when his grave was opened.

I feel compelled to make my own products and one of the magickal items I love to make for my practice is creating my own oil blends.  I use these oil blends to anoint myself, others and items (such as statues, jewellery tools etc), add to baths, oil burners, washes, sprays, as well as blending them with other items I create such as incense blends, soaps, candles, pouches, wands and bags.  I also make these oil blends with complimentary vibrational allies such as crystals, roots, herbs, flowers, salts, metals and the like in my magick.

An oil blend I have been making for nearly as long as I have maintained a regular devotional Kemetic practice is lotus oil.  I did this as I was unable to find a lotus oil which was pure and affordable.  As cold pressed essential lotus oil can be quite expensive, mixed with artificial colours, fragrances, or other oils which I didn’t want – I struggled to find something which was pure enough for my practice. Therefore, I made my own lotus oil infusion for use in my spiritual and magickal workings which was exactly what I wanted and needed for purity and price.  To complement my oil and give it an enhanced vibrational kick I added crystals into the oil to maintain its purity.  

Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is easily sourced as a dried root for making oil blends and can be used for magickal connection, creativity, wisdom, strength, abundance, protection, prosperity, beauty, rebirth, fertility, obstacles, enlightenment, reincarnation, clarity, connecting with the element of water, the moon, feminine energy and your root chakra.

Below I have outlined a simple method to make your own lotus oil:   

How To Make Lotus Oil by Setjatset


  • Lotus Root
  • Olive or Almond Oil
  • Wheatgerm or Vitamin E Oil
  • Small Piece of Clear Quartz Crystal


  1. Place some lotus root in a glass jar and add some olive oil or almond oil to cover (depending on how much you want to make).
  2. Put in a dark draw for up to a week macerating (shaking) occasionally (for best results leave from two weeks up to a month).
  3. Strain and separate oil infusion from lotus root (throw out lotus root which can include placing it in compost or burying it in your garden).
  4. Place oil infusion in a glass bottle and add 10 drops of wheatgerm or vitamin E oil (vitamin E capsules can be used ensuring they are the plant based version) to prevent from going rancid.
  5. Lastly place a small piece of cleansed clear quartz with the mixture to enhance its energetics.

Note: To keep the infusion for longer – store in the refrigerator.

To charge the oil simply place on your working shrine or magickal altar (if you don’t have one simply go somewhere and calm and centre yourself such as your garden or in a room you feel comfortable in).  After a moment of contemplating and focusing on your goal, create sacred space in your preferred method (ie by calling in spirit guides, patron God/dess, ancestors, quarters and/or elementals).  Hover your hands over the oil and out loud charge the oil by stating its purpose (such as to spiritually and magickally charge anything it is applied to or mixed/placed with).  Thank the energies who have assisted you and close down the sacred space by respectfully dismissing them.  Now you have oil imbued for that purpose which you can use as needed.  Also note that you can cleanse and reuse crystals when you use up all the oil.



(C) T. Georgitsis 2022

Apollo – My Seer God

I have never discussed my working with Apollo publicly before, however I have had a respectful relationship with him for decades which began when I started working as a professional tarot reader.

Who is Apollo?

Apollo is a God in the Hellenic pantheon.  

He is the God of Archery, Prophecy, Poetry, Music, Dance, Medicine, Healing and represents light and the sun as Hellios.

He is the twin of Artemis, son of God Zeus and Titan Leto and father of Asclepius and Troilus.   Shown as a youthful athletic handsome man (one of the most beautiful Gods) who carries a quiver of silver or golden arrows and a silver or golden bow – due to creating archery, along with his sister.

Apollo was also recognised as the national divinity of the Greeks because he is considered the most Greek of all the Gods.

Some Myths of Apollo

  • Killed Python (who tormented his mother) with a bow and arrow, gifted to him by Hephaestus.
  • Served King Admetus of Pherae for several years due to killing Python who was a child of Gaia and was temporarily banned from entering Mount Olympus.
  • During the Trojan War fought with Troy against the Greeks by guiding Paris’s deadly arrow to Achilles heal as well as bringing a plague to the camp of the Greeks.
  • When he was rejected by Cassandra (Daughter of King Priam) cursed her and her prophecies to be viewed as madness.
  • Won a contest against Pan to see who was a better musician.
  • Shot by a golden arrow of Eros which made him fall in love with the nymph Daphne, who turned into a laurel tree to escape him.
  • Romantically linked with all the 9 muses.
  • Lover of Hecuba (wife of King Priam) who bore him a son called Troilus.
  • Lover of Hyacinthus (Spartan Prince) whom he accidently killed during discus practice – as an envious Zephyrus took it off its course. Apollo was so upset at the loss of Hyacinthus he made a flower which flowed from Hyacinthus’s blood and called it the Hyacinth in his honour.
  • Lover of Cyparissus whom he gave a deer to.  Cyparissus accidentally killed the deer and due to his grief was turned into a cypress tree by Apollo to be allowed to cry forever.
  • The Temple of Apollo in Delphi housed the Oracle of Delphi whom he gave the gift of prophecy to.

Apollo’s Symbols

  • Bow and Arrow
  • Cypress Tree
  • Deer
  • Dolphin
  • Fox
  • Laurel Wreath
  • Lyre
  • Python
  • Raven
  • Sun
  • Swan
  • Wolf

Apollo’s Sacred Places

Apollo was born (along with his twin Artemis) on Mount Cynthus on the island of Delos and is the guardian and patron of the sacred site of Delphi and the town of Actium.

Apollo’s Sacred Days

Sunday and during the monthly Noumenia (New Moon).

Apollo’s Historic Sacred Festivals

What does Apollo do?

Apollo speaks the truth as his role as an oracular and prophetic God.  He repels evil and helps those to ward against it.

Apollo protects the young and helps youth blossom and grow along with safeguarding and encouraging their education and good health. As such Apollo is a God whom presides over the transition from child into adulthood. During this time, the male children of Ancient Greece would cut their hair to symbolise their move into adulthood and it was dedicated to Apollo.

Apollo reveals and presides over poetry, music and dance due to his connection as companion to the Muses and the creator of string instruments such as the lyre.

Apollo is the God of crops and herds and is the patron of shepherds, herdsmen, seafarers and foreigners and as such protects fugitives, refugees and colonists.  He also was foundational in the creating of new towns and its construction, therefore had domain over creation of its laws, where the people would consult him in those endeavours. 

Apollo is associated with healing and medicine and can assist those who require assistance in those areas whether they be healers or those requiring healing. Yet is he is also attributed as the God who can bring forth plague and illness.

Some of Apollos Epithets

Acersecomes (He Who has Unshorn Hair)
Acesius (Healing)
Acestor (Healer)
Aegletes (Light of the Sun) 
Agyieus (Street)
Alexiacacus (Warding off Evil)
Aphetor (To Let Loose)
Apollo Atepomarus (The Great Horseman)
Apollo Belenus (Brilliant/Bright)
Apollo Cunomaglus (Hound Lord)
Apollo Moritasgus (Masses of Sea Water)
Apollo Vindonnus (Clear Light)
Apollo Virotutis (Benefactor of Mankind)
Apotropaeus (To Avert)
Archegetes (Founder)
Arcitenens (Bow Carrying)
Argyrotoxus (With Silver Bow)
Averruncus (To Avert)
Chrysocomes (He Who has Golden Hair)
Clarius (Allotted Lot)
Clytotoxus (He Who is Famous for His Bow)
Coelispex (Sky)
Cullcarius (Of Midges)
Delphinius (Delphic)
Epactaeus (God Worshiped on the Coast)
Epicurius (To Aid)
Genetor (Ancestor)
Hecaergus (Far Shooting)
Hecebolus (Far Shooting)
Hellus (Sun)
Iatrus (Physician)
Latromantis (Prophet)
Leschenorius (Converser)
Loxias  (To Say)
Lycegenes (Born of a Wolf)
Lyceus (Light)
Lycoctonus (Wolf)
Manticus  (Prophetic)
Medicus (Physician)
Musagetes (Muse Leader)
Nomius (Pastoral)
Nymphegetes (Leader)
Paean (Physician/Healer)
Parnoplus (Locust)
Patroos (Related to One’s Father)
Phanaeus (Giving or Bringing Light)
Phoebus (Bright)
Proopsios (Foreseer)
Pythius (From Delphi)
Sauroctunos (Lizard Killer)
Sol (Sun)

A Hymn to Apollo

The Homeric Hymn to Apollo

Some Offerings to Apollo

  • Date Palm
  • Bay Laurel
  • Barley
  • Figs
  • Olives
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Incense
  • Wine
  • Raven/Crow Feathers
  • Hyacinth Flowers
  • Sun Blessed Purified Water
  • Cake made from almond and honey
  • Poetry
  • Dance
  • Music
  • White linen

I personally created the following incense I have used successfully when divining (for myself or giving readings to clients) which you can easily make yourself:

Apollo Oracle Incense by Setjataset

1 part Dried Bay Laurel

1 part Aniseed

1 part Frankincense

1 part Myrrh

Instructions: crush herbs and resins in a mortar and pestle and sprinkle over hot charcoal or throw into a fire pit.  Scry using smoke or flames.

I personally created the following oil blend I have used successfully in trance ritual and dance which is an anointing oil you can easily make yourself to induce visions:

Apollo Anointing Oil (For Visions) by Setjataset

Base Oil: 15 mils Olive Oil

Add: 12 Drops Cinnamon

Add: 1 Dried Laurel Bay Leaf

Instructions: place into a clear dry glass jar in the following order: 1 dried bay laurel leaf, 15 mils of olive oil and 12 drops of cinnamon oil (bark or leaf is fine) and put in the sun for a full day (Sunday is the best day to do this as summertime). After the day is over place out of direct sunlight and succuss (shake the bottle) every day for 3 weeks and then the oil is ready for use.


(C) T. Georgitsis 2022,
Recipes by me mentioned in this article first appeared in
With Lyre and Bow: A Devotional in Honor of Apollo by Bibliotheca Alexandrina in 2016