2020 Sabbat Dates: Southern Hemisphere

(C) T. Georgitsis 2020


It’s that time again when resolutions are created for the year.  Be it getting rid of a bad habit or introducing a good one, lists are created and promises made – which usually (if not always) fall by the wayside.

This is why I personally don’t prescribe to resolutions.  However, what I like to do is set intentions of what I want to experience for the year with the focus being on what new “thing” I want to learn or immerse myself in.

Last year I had basic ideas of what I wanted to achieve and they came to various degrees of fruition due to planning, time, effort and follow through.

My focus for the year is listed below in bold, whilst my achievements are listed beneath with supporting lists, links or photographs.

Read books recommended by friends:

GoodRead List 2019

Support more artists creating hand-made/self-published items born from their hard work, research, study and/or imagination:

LET US REMEMBER…: A Devotional to Honor the Netjeru

Evensongs for Hekate: Poetry and Prayers

Tamiko Tominaga

Miss Marley Art

Northern Sky

Grimalkin Tarot

Natural Magical Creative

Donate and assist a charity in a different way other than monetary:

It’s In The Bag Women’s Charity

The Social Studio

The Rack

Visit somewhere I haven’t been before which has a spirit of place:

Dandenong’s Hiking Trail (new area I hadn’t explored before)


Hepburn Springs (Renovated)

hepburn springs.jpg

Seaford Beach

SkyHigh Gardens

sky high

Herronswood Gardens

Lavender Hill Farm

lavender hill.jpg


Complete a workshop/course which is connected to my interests, passions and causes I like to support:

Mental Health First Aid Training

CPR Refresher

Masterclass in Assertiveness

Trans Awareness Training (Ally)

Loom Workshop

Crystal Scrying Workshop

Craftivism Workshop

Sarah Munnings Jewellery (Silversmithing Workshops)



Woven By Society (Sewing Workshops)

tarot bag

book cover



Create something magical which feeds and inspires my practice:

Khernips Bowl

khernips bowl

Offering Plate

offering plate

Crystal Air Plant (Apophyllite/Stillbite crystals and Tillansia Aeranthos Miniata plants)

crystal plant.jpg

Reset Soak

lavender bath soak

Pre-Rite Soap


Spiritual Anointing Oil

Bitch Be Nice Wash

East Meets West Incense 

Love Soap

Love Anointing Oil

Purification Honey Soap

Protection Scrub

New column in local (Australian) magazine:

What is Crystal Programming

Crystals What Are They and Why Use Them?

Crystal Cleansers

Auset/Isis Crystals

Dowsing With a Crystal Pendulum 

Ancient Egyptian Stones and Crystals (Part 1)

Ancient Egyptian Stones and Crystals (Part 2)

Discover and indulge in, interesting Melbourne-centric foods and drink during catch-ups:
Saint Dreux
Grain Store
Saint Moritz
Prickly Pear Cafe
Axil Coffee Roasters
Hash Speciality Coffee
Windsor Hotel
Second Home Eltham
Red Hill Brewery
Degraves Espresso Bar
White Mojo
Mork Chocolate Brew House
Auction Rooms Cafe
Hansa’s Steak & Grill Restaurant
Beach Cafe Seaford
5FIVE Bakehouse Kitchen 
Pure South Dining
DOHWA Korean Restaurant
Vaporetto Bar & Eatery


Join a hobby group: 

The Diggers Club


Visit limited or new art exhibitions:

Keith Haring & Jean-Michel Basquiat

RONE Empire

Our Bodies Our Voices Our Marks

Love Exhibition

Escher & Nendo

CraftyQueers: Midsumma 2019 

Kingston Arts: Monsters and Beasts


LIFE is about experiences and the way I feel when I – create, visit or support something which inspires and uplifts me.  I find its easier to get energised and complete set objectives if I find personal purpose within the task before me.

Therefore my suggestion for those wanting to set resolutions who then struggle to fulfil them, is to instead write a wish list of intentions, of things you would like to do – to feed your soul and go from there.  That way there is less pressure as the focus is more pleasure in your life.


(C) Setjataset – all images and text 2020



Lunar Eclipse Magic

The Lunar Eclipse is happening during the Full Moon in Cancer on Saturday January 11 at 6:21am in Melbourne, Australia.

A lunar eclipse is when during a full moon the sun and moon are in opposition, which means they they fall opposite in the Zodiac (called an opposition).

This lunar eclipse is what is termed a “penumbral” lunar eclipse which basically means the shadow of the earth bypasses the moon and therefore the shadow does not cover it.   This means from our perspective will be difficult to see the moon showing signs of the eclipse.  This is due to the colour of the moon being slightly lighter than the rest of the moon which isn’t obscured by the eclipse.  Therefore if you do want to have a good look at the moon during this time, I suggest a telescope or high zoom binoculars/camera.

For more information on where you can see this week’s lunar eclipse, go to this link:

Lunar Eclipse January 2020

The Magick of the Eclipse

Eclipse magick is when the energy is amplified due to the moon energies intermingling.  The Lunar Eclipse energies transition through the new and full moon phases during the eclipse, which enables the moon to cycle through the various stages of the moon and its magick.

The kind of magick you can perform during the Lunar Eclipse:

  • Liminal – magick worked between the darkness and the light.
  • Manifestation – setting goals, intentions and affirmations.
  • Breaking – curses, bad habits, bad relationships and connections.
  • Endings – energetic and physical.
  • Transformation – self/surroundings, spellwork and health encompassing all aspects of oneself (body/mind/spirit and emotion).
  • Devotion – to lunar or liminal Gods and Goddess.
  • Focus – personal and spiritual development along with illumination and psychic work (divination and magickal goals).

Since this eclipse is happening during a Cancer full moon things are going to culminate in huge emotional energies.

Use this time to be motivated to move things along when it comes to home-life and those which we consider family.  Good time to start or contemplate a move of hearth as well as connecting to family as long as you are emotionally prepared.  Best time to focus on inner emotional needs and building what is required for personal fruition.  Also use this time to work on positive and productive magick as doing otherwise during this highly emotional time could be very volatile if unprepared.

Simple Eclipse Magick

Charge any of your magickal items under the eclipse, which can then be used, when there is no eclipse to bring in those energies.

Simply put out a vessel of purified water or a quartz crystal, which you want imbued with lunar eclipse energies, under the moon, whilst repeating the following:


Lunar Eclipse energies of the moon –

Come and show me my foreseeable fortune,

Lunar Eclipse energies of the moon

Devoted I am to you during moment opportune.

Lunar Eclipse energies of the moon –

I ask you come down to bring me my boon. 


© T. Georgitsis 2020 (updated previous post 2019)

2020 Moon Phases: Southern Hemisphere



Specific magickal workings need to be conducted on specific moon phases*.  

New and Full Moon Phases for Eastern Standard Time in Australia for 2020:

New Moon Waxing Full Moon Waning
3 Jan 3:45 pm 11 Jan 6:21 am 17 Jan 11:58 pm
25 Jan 8:42 am 2 Feb 12:41 pm 9 Feb 6:33 pm 16 Feb 9:17 am
24 Feb 2:32 am 3 Mar 6:57 am 10 Mar 4:47 am 16 Mar 8:34 pm
24 Mar 8:28 pm 1 Apr 9:21 pm 8 Apr 12:35 pm 15 Apr 8:56 am
23 Apr 12:25 pm 1 May 6:38 am 7 May 8:45 pm 15 May 12:02 am
23 May 3:38 am 30 May 1:29 pm 6 Jun 5:12 am 13 Jun 4:23 pm
21 Jun 4:41 pm 28 Jun 6:15 pm 5 Jul 2:44 pm 13 Jul 9:28 am
21 Jul 3:32 am 27 Jul 10:32 pm 4 Aug 1:58 am 12 Aug 2:44 am
19 Aug 12:41 pm 26 Aug 3:57 am 2 Sep 3:22 pm 10 Sep 7:25 pm
17 Sep 9:00 pm 24 Sep 11:54 am 2 Oct 7:05 am 10 Oct 11:39 am
17 Oct 6:31 am 24 Oct 12:22 am 1 Nov 1:49 am 9 Nov 12:46 am
15 Nov 4:07 pm 22 Nov 3:45 pm 30 Nov 8:29 pm 8 Dec 11:36 am
15 Dec 3:16 am 22 Dec 10:41 am 30 Dec 2:28 pm

Full Moon (Psychic & Manifestation Work)

Waxing Moon (Invoking/Bringing In Workings)

Wanning Moon (Banishing/Pushing Out Workings)

New Moon (Psychic & Invoking Work)

Dark Moon (Banishing & Divination Workings)


(C) T. Georgitsis 2020

Starlit Path: Volume 2, Issue 4, Winter 2019: Walking with the Goddess, “Ritual”


In this issue, for my column Walking With the Goddess, I share my article on “Ritual“.  This article contains various ritual techniques and I finish off the article with a self-initiation ritual with the aid of Hekate.

The Starlit Path is a free magazine which can be downloaded here: Starlit Path Winter 2019

Mystic Tribe Magazine: November 2019, Issue #24

In my regular column on crystals, in the latest issue of Mystic Tribe Magazine, I have written an article called “Ancient Egyptian Stones & Crystals Pt 2 which describes crystals in connection to the Ancient Egyptians, their magick and traditions as well as what they can do for you.  For your FREE copy follow this link:

November 2019 24th Edition, Mystic Tribe Magazine, Issue 24




FOI: Isian News, Samhain 2019, Issue No 174


Linda Iles has produced a great issue this season of the Fellowship of Isis zine which is a free magazine with members contributing from all around the world.

I have contributed the article “Food Craft Grimoire” and for your FREE copy follow this link:

Isian News, Samhain 2019, Issue No 174





Mystic Tribe Magazine: October 2019, Issue #23

In my regular column on crystals, in the latest issue of Mystic Tribe Magazine, I have written an article called “Ancient Egyptian Stones & Crystals Pt 1 which describes crystals in connection to the Ancient Egyptians, their magick and traditions as well as what they can do for you.  For your FREE copy follow this link:

October 2019 23rd editon Mystic Tribe Magazine V1




Starlit Path: Volume 2, Issue 3 Fall 2019: Walking with the Goddess, “How to Protect Yourself”


In this issue, for my column Walking With the Goddess, I share my article on “How to Protect Yourself“.  This article contains various protection techniques utilising the elements of earth/air/fire/water with respects to the Body/Mind/Spirit/Emotion and I finish off the article with simple protection magick with the aid of Hekate.

The Starlit Path is a free magazine which can be downloaded here: The Starlit Path Fall 2019