Hekate Devotion:Black Moon


A Black Moon occurs when there are two New Moons in a month or it can also be the third New Moon in an astronomical season with four New Moons.

We have a Black Moon occurring on the 19th & 20th of May 2023.

This kind of event happens every few years and the type of focus for this moon is magickal workings which are more potent during this time.

Focus on renewals, beginnings, manifestation of desires and foundation of intent for future endeavours, which first must come through letting go and clearing/cleansing during the Dark Moon, prior to the New Moon.

Since the Black Moon falls on Deipnon and Noumenia, this is the perfect time for honouring and working with Hekate.


Following are some steps you can engage in when working with Hekate and the Black Moon:

Dark Moon – Deipnon Work

  1. Remove – obstacles, both mental and physical which have been hindering you.  This can be done via banishing magick.
  2. Cleanse – energy by completely cleaning and neutralising your space and yourself.  This can be achieved through clearing magick.
  3. Offer – an evening meal, such as a specifically prepared supper to honour Hekate and The Restless Dead (leave in front of your home’s external entryway door if you cant find am close or accessible  crossroad).
  4. Divine – give yourself a reading (bonus points for using a strophalos/Hekate’s Wheels for trance work).

New Moon – Noumenia Work

  1. Project – intentions of what you want to bring into your life.
  2. Create – possibilities for manifestation of desire which can be done through ritualised action such as a spell, devotional, making of art, dance etc.
  3. Devote – yourself to Hekate and her causes which can be intangible such as time, energy, knowledge or assistance.
  4. Purpose – of intention which can be set for the coming season and can assist in helping your focus on what you want to achieve.

Since this is a rare time astrologically speaking and doesn’t come around often – I would use this time wisely and harness the magical energy available to you in order to serve Hekate along with what you want to achieve for your own wellbeing body, mind, spirit and emotion wise.

(C) T. Georgitsis 2020, Updated 2023

Hekate Devotion: Samhain

Samhain also known as All Hallows Eve, Feast of the Dead and Halloween is the historically Gaelic festival and in a literal sense means summer’s end, marking just that – as it signifies the start of winter and the end of the harvest season.  It falls between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice and is a time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest due to it being a liminal/threshold festival. In the 19th century it was suggested to be the “Celtic New Year” and in modern time this became the “Witches New Year”.  This year in the Southern Hemisphere calendar it falls on the 6th of May at 4.13pm. Gods such as Hekate, Hades, Persephone, Osiris, Crom Cruach, Cerridwen, Lilith, Kali, Ishtar, Persephone, Oya, Innana, Pamona, Cailleach, The Morrigan, Nephtys, Rhiannon, Herne, Anubis, Odin, Bran and Cernunnos can all be honoured during this time.

I have celebrated Samhain with groups of people in a religious, spiritual and mundane way both here in Australia and overseas.  The one thing which I found resonated with them all was the celebration of what has passed and honouring that which came before us.

One of the first memories I have during this time of year was when we were visiting my mother’s village on a small Aegean island of Greece, Lemnos (where its origins can be traced back to the (Epipaleolithic Period) but its more commonly known for its (Mycenean Period) whose matriarchal line had lived on for centuries.  She took me to her family’s mausoleum which from the outside looked like a mini Parthenon with walls.  Once inside, the marble covered walls were lined and stacked from ceiling to floor with ledges crammed with skulls and bones.  My mother with arms outstretched swept over what I was taking in said in an echoing voice that these were my ancestors and I needed to honour them and that one day she would be amongst them and I needed to remember to pay my respects. 

I personally like to honour my ancestors during this time by leaving offerings for them on their ancestor shrine I have been keeping and tending to for more years than I can count.  My mother was a very spiritual person and taught me to always tend to the ancestor shrine and light incense and leave offerings for them frequently.  During this time since its so close to Greek Easter I make and leave coloured eggs (usually red with patterns of leaves or flowers on them like I was taught using old panty hose and dried leaves/flowers) along with other items my blessed dead liked in life.

I feel that Hekate resonates with this time of the year for various reasons.  This is a liminal time and this is Hekate’s domain as she can traverse the various realms (sky, earth, sea and underworld) as she easily navigates through the thresholds as well as being Goddess of the Underworld, Crossroads and Queen of the Dead and Lost Souls she can help guide.

I personally like to honour Hekate during this time and make offerings of apples, pomegranates, garlic, onions, bay leaves, mead, beer, wine, red meat such as lamb roast, wine, bread, barley, nuts, acorns, pumpkins, gourds, mushrooms, sage, nutmeg, mint, oregano, thyme, marigolds, lilies, chrysanthemums, mugwort, wormwood, dittany of crete, oak leaves, rosemary, corn, gingerbread, chestnuts and apple cider.

Since this tends to be near or after Greek easter I tend to make an apple tea cake and leave a token inside (usually a wrapped up gold coin) which I divide and serve and whomever gets the coin has the token of luck.  I also like to cook items for Hekate which resonate with familial recipes so I like to bake and offer Anastasia’s Spiral Pita and Greek Kourabiethes.

Some things you can do to honour and mark Samhain in your personal practice (or with a group of likeminded individuals) can be:

  1. Dumb suppers such as a place for them at your table or food left for them on a ancestor shrine/altar, doorstep, property boundary, gravestone or crossroads to your blessed dead such as ancestors or other loved ones who have passed over.
  2. Making offerings of appeasement to lost souls.
  3. Connect and communicate with the spirit world.
  4. Divination using various methods such as scrying (crystal, fire, mirror, black ink and water), reading such as tarot, runes, dice, I Ching and pendulum.
  5. Rituals and spells involving protective and cleansing properties for oneself or one’s property.
  6. Light a hearth fire either in a fire place, outside bonfire style or a simple small fire inside using a proof vessel on a shrine such as a cauldron, lamp or even a candle.
  7. Collect the last harvest from your garden – be it fruit, vegetables or herbs and flowers.
  8. Honouring the dual nature of life and death and accepting its beauty.  This includes honouring the darkness and the light as both are equally as important.
  9. Prepare food for the God/s you honour during this time and thank them for their gifts.
  10. Personally reflect on the last 12 months and take note of your accomplishments and failures and create a plan to continue with said accomplishments and rectify failures.
  11. Make a jack-o-lantern from a pumpkin or gourd and place a candle inside it and when lit leave i (in safe) view of a windowsill or outside near your front door.
  12. Host a feast with family or friends which can include music and dancing.
  13. Create a shrine with images or items from your blessed dead and recite prayers and leave offerings in their name.

As is my style, I like to craft during this time of year making Hekate and ancestor beaded necklaces, anointing oils, and seasonal incense and candles.  With the necklaces, I make them using my mother’s agillete (knot magic or witches ladder) and then I bless and consecrate them in my yearly Samhain ritual which you can find here:

Hekate Magick: Samhain for her Witches

So work your magick this Samhain, honour those who came before you and reflect and contemplate on your journey thus far taking in and celebrating the ebb and flow of the seasons and of life itself.

© T. Georgitsis 2021, Updated 2023

Isian News: Issue #188, Beltane 2023

In the latest issue of Isian News by the Fellowship of Isis, features a piece by me called Special Moons for 2023 explaining the different significant moons and what magick you can practice during these moons:

For your FREE copy follow this link:

Magick of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse: 20th April 2023

What, When and Why

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon falls between the earth and the sun which casts a shadow over the earth. A solar eclipse can only occur during the new moon phase.

An annular eclipse is when the moon and the sun is exactly aligned with the earth but the moon being smaller than the sun enables the sun to surround the moon as a bring ring.

This is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse which is a rare type of eclipse – a combination of an annular eclipse and a total solar eclipse. This rare solar eclipse is sometimes known as an A-T eclipse and is produced when the moon’s shadow moves across Earth, it starts as one type of eclipse and transitions to another.

This solar eclipse will be visible in Western Australia, Antarctica and SE Asia.

You will be able to view this hybrid eclipse with the ring of fire for a few seconds in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Please Note: A hybrid solar eclipse should ONLY be viewed through solar filters like a pair of solar eclipse glasses for safety reasons, as you don’t want to damage your eyes. PLEASE NEVER look at the sun without adequate protection. For more information on what you need to see the eclipse safely which includes what equipment you need please go here for more information:


To see if you can view the eclipse from your area, go here for more information:


Magick of the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse magick is when the energy is amplified due to the moon energies intermingling with the sun energies.  The sun and the moon are in the same star sign and the energies co-mingling this way, emphasises the energies of that particular sign.  This solar eclipse is in Scorpio* therefore the energies heightened during this time is the Scorpio star sign.

The kind of magick you can perform during the solar eclipse:

  • Liminal – magick worked between the darkness and the light.
  • Transition – use the sun and moon moving through this time to highlight or work with important transitions in your life.
  • Change – harness this quick moving energy to bring about purposeful change in your life.
  • Rebirth – moving from one cycle to the other in the form of a death of the old and and bringing in and welcoming of the new.
  • Breaking – down barriers before you which have caused blockages in your life can now be removed.
  • Movement – cleanse the stagnant decayed and no longer necessary and embrace the fresh new and potential within problem areas of your life.
  • Rituals/Spells – in dedication to Gods who embrace this time and can assist you in manifesting the energies of the liminal, transitional, rebirth, movement, breaking away and change such as Hekate.

Sorcery of the Solar Eclipse

*Aries moon is a good time for beginnings, endings and coupled with the eclipse which is all about revelations this can be a good time to help reveal things which you can tackle with headstrong determination.

Since Aries is a fire sign it’s a great time to work with this element.  Being a sign which embraces the warrior it allows us to tackle obstacles with courage and confidence as we can finally see the truth before us. Great for letting go of old things which no longer serve us and embracing the new possibilities which aid us.

This is a good time to heal with Hekate’s fires of illumination and transformation as she can show us what we path we need to move away from and what doors are open to us for the progression forward. This can be a connection to someone, employment or a personal behaviour which no longer serves us and whilst difficult to let go of makes room for new connections, jobs and choices/habits/ which are stronger and healthier and overall better for you. 

Sacrifice that which no longer is needed and allow the blessings of what will benefit you moreso a place in your life.

The element of fire is creative and it is the element of action just like Hekate.  Fire is at the hearth of the home, a place where Hekate’s shrine is placed.  Fire illuminates and brightens the darkness allowing us to see which way we need to go and Hekate’s role as psychopomp can help us with that.  Here is a ritual I would like to share with you which you can use to honour Hekate in a Hellenic way and which utilises the element of fire:

Hellenic Hekate Fire Ritual
© T. Georgitsis 2015


Wash your hands in some khernips (lustral water) which you have placed in a bowl outside sacred space (where the altar is kept).  

At this point state, “Let all that is profane be gone!

Take barley and throw the offering of cleansing upon the altar and upon the sacred space and say “Hekas hekas este o-bebeloi” (Afar, Afar, O The/Ye Profane),


Form a formal procession and walk towards the sacred space from the east, carrying the offerings with you 

Present the offerings to Hekate by holding them up in a gesture of oblation and place them on the altar. You do not need to speak to do this but may say a few words as a statement of purpose if you are inspired.

Sprinkle khernips over offerings to purify them with the words “Xerniptosai” (be purified).


Light a fire pit, oil lamp, brazier or candle for Hekate.  

Throw or sprinkle incense into the fire.

Read out loud or sing a hymn in Hekate’s name.

Preces (Prayer Proper)

Write a petition to Hekate and read it out loud three times.

Pour a libation of oil, wine or honey’d milk to Hekate upon the ground.

Praxis (Working Proper)

Create the magickal working needed such as divination, healing or blessings of any items.  This can be accompanied with singing, dancing, chanting and more offerings and libations.

Thanks and Closing

Thank Hekate by saying:

Hekate, in your name we gathered, in your name we depart.  Thank you for your eternal illumination and blessings.

Step away from the ritual space by backing away, turning to the right and leaving without looking back.

Ritual is now complete and any feasting can take place.

*Aries is a fire sign which is ruled by Mars. It is a sign which can appear passionate, motivated and direct, yet they are cheerful and make great leaders due to their determination and ability to built community.

In her name


(C) T. Georgitsis 2023

Hekate Devotion: Hearth/Kitchen Shrine

Preparing and cooking food is an act of magick itself, so for me, I like to have an altar in my kitchen. Back in the days of old, the kitchen hearth was a place of magick especially when it came to folk magick and it continues to this day since many of us practice the craft in our own homes.

Crafting in the kitchen can often evoke warm, safe and happy memories. Considering this is a place well known to most, it can be used to work magick through creating food and drink in a familiar loving surrounding.  Food itself contains energy and the spark of life, therefore it is only understandable to honor this gift of the gods by creating an altar in your kitchen.  Having a kitchen altar can increase the vibration of your home, especially if you consider that an altar is sacred space and can further empower the process of food crafting.  This starts with the ingredients and tools used, to the methods employed to prepare and cook the food, all the way to the finished product.

Altars in the home have been around since ancient times as this was sometimes the only place an ordinary person could commune with the gods in sacred space.  Since the kitchen was the main room where meals were prepared, which were often seen as gifts from the gods, it was often an ideal place to put a household shrine.  Kitchen altars can be the power spot of the house where energies can be used to bring balance and harmony into the home and those who live there.

A simple kitchen altar can be placed in a niche, shelf mounted on a wall, in a cupboard, on the kitchen table or on a surface like a bench top.  It can be elaborate which can bring attention to it or it can blend in with the décor of the kitchen and be overlooked by inquisitive guests.

What you place upon your kitchen altar is completely up to you and your own tastes, however I suggest placing herbs and spices which are favoured other other food stuffs which resonate with you.   I also suggest placing an image of a god or goddess of the hearth such as Hekate, Gaia, Hestia, Aradia, Ceres, Ida, Lakshimi, Vesta, Demeter which will represent spirit and items which represent the four elements such as:

Earth: bread, salt, flowers, fruit, acorns, crystals;

Air: oil burner, leaves, tiny brooms, feathers;

Fire: a lighter, matches, oil lamp, incense, candle;

Water: bowl/glass/bottle of water, witch bottle, shells.

Other items including a witches blade, used for cutting up herbs, can be placed on the kitchen altar along with a mortar and pestle for grinding up salts, spices and herbs and a Food Craft Grimoire and pen for devotional recipes you create and add to over time.  Remember to keep the altar clean and free of clutter to further resonate this magickal energy into your home and your life.

When food crafting I find myself instantly drawn to the kitchen altar. Here I light a candle and offer up a little hymn to the goddess to imbue and bless my food with health, vitality and delicious flavor in her name as well as guarding and protecting my home and those who live within it.  Here is a hymn I wrote for Hekate whom is the patron of my home’s hearth which you can use:

‘Hekate –

Great Goddess of the hearth and household

Watch over and protect those within its fold

To your honour we feast and drink

Bless us with your eternal link

Filled with health and vitality

So it is said so it will be”

Its no secret I love cooking special offerings to Hekate and have made it part of my practice to hand make and carefully prepare food in her name.  Recently due to it coinciding with Greek Easter which is coming up, I made cookies with a twist which I offered to Hekate as well as shared and gifted to dear friends. These Greek cookies have been made since the times of the Minoans in various shapes including snakes, wreaths, figure 8’s, horseshoes or Greek letters. I made dual coloured Greek plaited shortbread called Koulouria which were made with 3 flavour profiles. I felt they aptly reflected the triple aspect of Hekate and the fact they are braided means you can weave your magical intention within them as they are made. Here is my recipe for you to try which I have detailed at the link below:

Koulouria – Chocolate & Vanilla Twists with Orange Kick

In her name


(c) T. Georgitsis 2010, Updated 2023


Hekate Devotion: Mabon/Autumn Equinox

Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox is the second harvest festival in the Southern Hemisphere calendar which is a vernal equinox meaning the hours of the day and night are approximately the same length. This year it falls on the 21st of March at 7.24am. Mabon is named after the god of the same name in Welsh mythology but its a modern adaptation from the 1970’s.  Other gods such as Pamona, the Green Man, Bachus, Dionysus, Artemis, Carpo, Hestia, Persephone, Demeter and Hekate can all be honoured during this time of year.

My mother was a wildcrafter and I have very distinct memories of her taking me foraging during this time of year. We would forage for various herbs, plants, nuts and flowers.  The area I grew up in was surrounded by farmland and so there was a plethora of nature’s gifts to be found and used.  On occasion we would also take day trips to forage seasonally. 

I like to take long walks and see the changing of the leaves (yes I am one of those people) and I do this locally as well as around my beautiful state. I also go out foraging during this time of year and I have engaged in various foraging expeditions and would recommend the following books for those living in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) to assist you as you need to be VERY careful with what you collect and use (and if in doubt leave it be and don’t risk poisoning yourself):

  • The Weed Forager’s Handbook: A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia by Adam Grubb and Annie Raser Rowland.
  • Wild Food Plants of Australia Paperback by Tim Low.

I feel that Demeter resonates with this time of the year.  This is the time when Demeter withdraws her creative powers from the earth as Persephone descends into the underworld. I also feel that Hekate also resonates with this time of year especially since its a liminal time – a day of equal day and night and Hekate’s ability to dwell within those times.

I personally like to honour Demeter as well as Hekate during this time and make offerings of wine, grapes, bread, grains: corn, oats and barley, nuts, acorns, apples, pomegranates, onions, poppies, mushrooms, dandelions, nettles, marrow, chickweed, black berries, oak leaves, vine leaves and herbal teas.

I also like to cook with seasonal foods and for Hekate and Demeter I like to bake and offer Cheese Garlic and Thyme Bread , Garlic and Saffron Risotto  (I substitute the rice for barley and the butter for Nuttlex) and Apple Tea Cake (I substitute milk with soy/almond/oat milk and butter with Nuttlex).

Some things you can do yourself to honour and mark the Mabon/Autumn Equinox can be:

  1. Rituals and spells involving balance within or outside of yourself such as removing an addiction and replacing it with a healthy lifestyle change.

  2. Rituals and spells involving mourning something lost – to be able to better accept this loss.

  3. Honouring the dual nature of life and accepting its beauty.  This includes honouring the darkness and the light as both are equally as important.

  4. Prepare food for the God/s you honour during this time and thank them for their gifts.

  5. Cleanse and purify your home and garden.

  6. Gardening such as blessing and sowing autumnal seeds specific to your region and/or fertilising and turning the earth.

  7. Go foraging with friends (ensuring you are very careful and don’t collect anything poisonous or which has been sprayed with chemicals) or alternatively book a local guided wild forager tour (such as mushroom or herbs/plants) or go apple picking at a local orchard.

  8. Like Demeter go for a wander – take a long walk in the woods or somewhere where you feel close to the gods and spirits of your local land.

As is my style, I like to craft during this time of year making abundance pouches which I fill with various items which symbolises abundance to me, along with cleansing washes, blessing oils, and seasonal God/dess incense.

I would like to share with you a Hekate Incense I came up with which I love and resonates with this time of year and which I urge you to try your hand at making:

Hekate’s Autumnal Incense by Setjtaset

1 Part Dehydrated (or oven dried) Apple Peel

1 Part Dehydrated (or oven dried) Pomegranate Peel

1 Part Pine Resin

1-3 Sprinkle of Cinnamon (or crushed cinnamon stick).

Since I love to perform rituals to honour Hekate, I like to mark the date with a ritual in her name.  Here is a hymn I wrote to Demeter and Hekate for my devotional rites which I would also like to share with you:

Autumnal Hymn to Demeter and Hekate by Setjataset

Great Goddess Demeter

I thank you for your bounty

You who separates the chaff from the grain

I pray to you so that my life be full of boons

Madam of the Sacred Law

Encourage and protect me as I work its mysteries

Great Goddess Hekate

I thank you for your guidance

You who perceives the cycles of life and death

I pray to you so that my life be full of blessings

Madam of Magick

Encourage and protect me as I walk its path” 

So work your magick this equinox and engage in some activities which can bring you in closer connection to your Gods and the cycle of the earth.

(c) T. Georgitsis 2021

Temple of Boom: Parthenon Reimagined

The Temple of Boom, at the National Gallery of Victoria is an art installation which is a reimagining of the Greek Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens.  Temple of Boom is so named after the vibrations of music. The Temple of Boom is currently located on the ground floor in the back gardens of the gallery until the 1st of October 2023 and entry is free.

The Temple of Boom consists  of artwork collaborations from local artists which evolved over the summer with the layering of their contributions over the existing building replica.  This interactive piece encourages viewers to ponder time and how it affects architecture and its evolving identity through perspective whilst acknowledging the Parthenon as a beacon of cultural and architectural significance.

The Parthenon situated on the Acropolis in Athens Greece was built as a temple to the Goddess Athena.  It is an iconic form and an architectural symbol of Greece for hundreds of years.  It took 15 years to build in 447BC and was designed by Iktinos and Kallikrates and stood for thousands of years until various natural and man made disruptions ruptured its structure.

I have visited the Parthenon numerous times.   Several times when I visited and lived in Greece as child, teen and then as an adult and each time I found it as breathtaking and awe inspiring as the first.

As a Greek Australian I love that the NGV have created the Temple of Boom which I visited recently and was struck by its beauty of modern interpretation and classic inspiration.  

Athena is a Goddess which has special significance in my life due to my magic practising mother being especially enamoured by Her and wearing Her pendant throughout her life in a talismanic way.  I have inherited this pendant and any mention of Athena connects me to my mother in a very deep and profound way.  Walking around and through the Temple of Boom evoked memories of my mother and workings conducted in Athena’s name.  I paused to take a moment and offer a silent prayer in connected complementation to Athena:

Homeric Hymn 11 To Athena

I begin to sing of Pallas Athena,
the dread Protectress of the city,
who with Ares looks after matters of war,

the plundering of cities,
the battle-cry and the fray.
It is She who protects the people,

wherever they might come or go.
Hail, Goddess,

and give us good spirits and blessed favor!

If you get the chance to visit The Temple of Boom I would highly recommend it.  Although it’s a reimagined interpretation I feel art like ancient architecture holds vibrations of magick which can elicit connection to the Gods.



(C) T. Georgitsis 2023

Greek Folk Magick: Food Craft Grimoire

My mother who practiced magick was heavily influenced by the hearth where many of her lessons took place. Both when she was dispensing the knowledge as well as partaking of them herself. It is where I was taught how to make many traditional Greek village recipes – for daily consumption, festivals, special occasions and as offerings to the ancestors. I would watch my mother for hours toiling over recipes where she would make me repeat and recite specific instructions, enabling me to memorise the little intricacies of her creations which made them unique.

In my family, many Greek recipes have been passed down throughout the years. Many were passed down orally, as their secrets were preserved in their minds – not on paper. However due to me wanting to keep them from vanishing, due to the passages of time, I started keeping a recipe book which I consider a food crafting grimoire aka my book of recipes. To this collection of recipes, I have also added my own creations which I have made in honour of my Gods, Spirits and Ancestors for various festivals, moon and seasonal cycles as well as specific magical workings.

For me, I personally feel a recipe book is a type of magical grimoire. Recipes like magic take preparation and certain steps are involved in executing them to fruition. Recipes like spells can be forgotten if they aren’t passed on or shared with others and due to not wanting to lose them, I ensure I write down detailed notes on said recipes within my food craft grimoire and on occasion share them with others.

Creating a food crafting grimoire is as easy as keeping a notebook and pen in the kitchen, where you can note down successful recipes you have connected with. Personally I keep both a handwritten note book with my recipes as well as a display book where I add my typed out recipes which I have printed out. I find it useful to make adjustments to recipe instructions by way of making handwritten notes when the need arises. I’m always fine tuning recipes, therefore keeping a good crafting grimoire is a a good way to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Also these grimoires have been created with sections indexed for easily sourcing specific recipes, as well as both being decorated to reflect my own personal style. Today it’s also quite simple to create a virtual food craft grimoire using tools from blogs to software programs which can be viewed on electronic devices and then printed, filed or transformed into hard copy bound copies, which I have also done.

I like to magically add a little energetic charge to my food crafting grimoire by reciting a magical blessing for it. I created this blessing using the elements and the things I use in the kitchen, which also resonate with these elements. This blessing can be used on a Full, New or Waxing moon or on a harvest focused sabbath.

You can also evoke a God or ancestor such as Hestia who rules over the hearth, Circe who was well skilled in the transformational culinary arts or Hekate whom you can make regular offerings to on her Deipnon and Noumenia in the form of the recipes you have made. Alternatively you can substitute one of your patron God/dess before the magickal working below on their shrine or altar.

Food Crafting Grimoire Blessing by Setjataset


Your magickal space should be created and placed on a dedicated shrine or working altar and should include:

  • Note Book embellished with your own decorations to reflect your style
  • Rock Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Rose or Orange Water
  • Bundle of Herbs

Magical Working

Take some salt and sprinkle it over your book in a circle and say:

“Protect this grimoire and ground it in the energies of sustenance, healing and prosperity”

Take some olive oil with your index finger and draw circle over your book and say:

“Energise this grimoire and may it fan the flames of creativity within my heart and hearth”

Take some rose or orange water and with your index finger and draw circle over your book and say:

“Purify this grimoire and may it bless the recipes and those who work with its words of wisdom”

Take a bundle of your favourite herbs and draw a circle over your book and say:

“Inspire this grimoire to create the desire to manifest my ideas into reality”

Place your hands up to the sky and then make a sweeping motion down onto your book and lean down and blow a breath over it and say:

“I imbue this grimoire with the blessings of my ancestors and deity – may it always bring health, happiness and wholeness to those who peruse and partake from its pages”

After the Blessing

Place the grimoire in your kitchen with a writing instrument to add or make notes whenever your are preparing recipes for offerings or festival, seasonal, moon or magickal celebrations.

In her name


(C) T. Georgitsis 2013, Updated 2022

Etsy Store: Devotional Jewellery

I’m beading devotional jewellery again but this time instead of taking commissions, I’m making unique pieces for specific Gods in the Hellenic and Kemetic pantheon which I’m devoted to.

These pieces will be made from crystal, silver, shell, wood, glass and brass beads which have been meticulously picked due to their pure and high quality.

They will be created, consecrated and devoted in a ritualistic sacred space to their namesakes.

These beaded necklaces can be used to connect to the Gods they are dedicated to via ritual, spell work, meditation or by simply adorning yourself or your shrines, altars or statues with them.

They will be listed in my Etsy store:

Setjataset Etsy Store

Super New Moon Magick: 20th February 2023

What, When and Why of the Super New Moon

We have a Super New Moon coming up on the 20th February 2023 at 6.05pm.

A Supermoon is a New or a Full moon which coincides with the closest distance to the earth in its orbit.  This means the moon appears larger than usual from the perspective from earth.

Magick of the Super New Moon

This Super New Moon falls in the astrological sign of Pisces therefore the energies heightened during this time is the Pisces star sign.

Pisces is a Water sign which is ruled by Neptune/Jupiter. It is a sign which can appear to have its attention divided between fantasy and reality. Pisces have emotions which are sensitive yet aware with certain grace.  This sign is full of creative imagination who are devoted and tender.

The kind of magick you can perform during the Super New Moon:

1. Cast spells for supercharged effects.

2. Create some magickal crafts.

3. Charge your magickal items.

4. Clean and cleanse your shrine/altar.

5. Leave new offerings on your shrine/altar.

6. Plan things for the future.

7. Set specific goals to manifest.

8. Focus on bringing things you want into your life.

9. Perform a divination.

10. Dream and love magick.

11. Workings which focus on desires becoming reality.

12. Creativity involving the imagination.

13. Hold a rite in honour of a Moon God/dess such as Hekate.

Sorcery of the Super New Moon

This Super New Moon in *Pisces is all about spirituality which is reborn, renewed or awakened.  It is full of new possibilities filled with beauty and an ideal time to open or charge your psychic abilities.

Below I have outlined a ritual you can perform in any tradition you resonate to, with the guidance of Hekate which works with the energies of this moon:

Super New Moon Rite by Setjataset


Chose a liminal time and place for the ritual to be set, preferably around sunset.

Purify body by showering.

Your magickal space should be created and placed on a shrine or working altar and should include:

  • A dried bay leaf,
  • A bowl of Khernips (ocean water or purified water with salt is best),
  • A ritual oil such as a New Moon blend, Pisces blend, Hekate blend or pure essential oil such as lavender, mugwort, rose, sandalwood or even extra virgin olive oil or almond oil,
  • A candle (preferably bees wax but any will do especially in green),
  • A honey or sugar offering to Hekate,
  • A coin; and 
  • An image/statue of Hekate.

Welcoming and Opening

Open sacred space or the shrine/altar and welcome Hekate by simply calling to her or reciting a hymn, poem or evocation in her name.

Light your bay leaf and waft over sacred space.

Sprinkle purified khernips over sacred space.

Offer Hekate some honey or sugar which has been sprinkled over a coin.

Magical Working

On a piece of paper write down some things which are hidden you want answers to.  On the back of the paper write down some dreams you have which you want to bring into the real world.

Take your divination method whether it be a scrying bowl/mirror, tarot cards, crystal ball, dice, pendulum, runes etc and place it in the centre of your sacred space and sprinkle some barley seeds around and on it and say:

Let it be purified!

Light the candle and hold it over your divination method and say:

Let it be illuminated!

Blow on your divination method and say:

Let it be charged!

Now use your divination method asking the questions you have and taking any notes after performing said divination method.

After this is done take the paper with your questions and over them say:

“Whilst I sleep I seek clarity

Hekate I ask you to help me see

Bring me dreams of purpose

Hekate I do this in your service

Disarm any nightmares which come

Hekate to your protection I succumb”

Now flip the paper over showing the dreams you want to bring into reality and over them say:

“Hekate help me with premonition

Manifesting my higher intuition

Hekate use your skilled labour

To bend reality to my favour

Hekate with your potent magickal capacity

Bring my fantasy into worldly reality”

Take the paper and fold it three times.

Next anoint the paper with a circle going around its circumference 3 times with the oil.

Take the coin and in the middle of the circle tap the coin 3 times allowing some sugar or honey to fall onto paper.

Thanks and Closing

Thank Hekate and close sacred space or the shrine/altar.

Ritual is now complete and any grounding work can take place.  I would suggest a swim if the weather permits or ritually washing your head, hands and feet.

After the Ritual

Place the paper under your pillow overnight to gain further insights in dreams during your sleep.   When you wake, place the paper in your journal or in a place for self-keeping to reflect on at a later date.

Bury the coin in your garden beneath or before a favoured tree, plant or herb or alternatively in a potted plant in your home.

In her name


(C) T. Georgitsis 2023